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Projects in Malmö

Together with Copenhagen, Malmö forms the natural hub of the Öresund region, and is one of the most expansive major metropolitan areas in our part of the world. In Malmö, many major urban regeneration projects are ongoing, and as Malmö’s largest commercial property owner, we are involved in many of these.

Malmö is not just Sweden’s fastest growing major city – it is also a young city with almost half of the population under the age of 35. It is noticeable that Malmö has the pulse and dynamism of the young at heart. And Malmö’s prospects are best described with one word – expansive. The city is growing outward and inward, making space for new vibrant city districts with a mix of housing, offices and meeting places.

Many areas under development in Malmö

Nyhamnen is a green and attractive city district mixing housing with workplaces, retail and service ripe for growth. The area is also central and close to the sea, located just behind Malmö Central Station. The City of Malmö’s development plans for the area include 6,000 new housing units and 13,000 new workplaces, along with schools, preschools and parks. Wihlborgs already owns several of the existing properties which will be further developed. These include the well-known office and leisure venue Slagthuset. In addition, we have several upcoming planning permissions and land allocated for the new build of 25,000 m² of offices. The first project is a 10,000 m² office building located at Smörkajen, with construction able to start as soon as the detailed development plan is complete.

Hyllie is one of Malmö’s most expansive development areas. Wihlborgs has two fully let office buildings in Hyllie: Dungen (Gimle 1) and Origo (Bure 2). We are now continuing development with Kvartetten (Pulpeten 5), comprising 16,000 m² of lettable area that will be ready for occupancy in spring 2023. Kvartetten is a bright and lush people-centric office building with outdoor workplaces on the large roof terrace. The next project in line is Vista (Bläckhornet 1) – comprising office buildings and multistorey car parks adjacent to Kvartetten.

Dockan, Kockums’ former dockyard area, has been gradually transformed from a dockyard to a modern city district since 2000. Today, we manage 160,000 m2 of premises here, but there are further opportunities for development. Currently, it is mainly housing that is being constructed in the area, but Wihlborgs has the opportunity to construct additional office buildings at Klaffbron and along Östra Varvsgatan.  

Logistics and production are important aspects of Malmö’s business community, and we are currently developing customised facilities for several major customers. We are constructing a logistics facility for Region Skåne at Stora Bernstorp in Burlöv municipality and a vehicle centre for Veho bil, both of which will be completed in 2021. In Fosie, an extension is under way for the tenant Bevego, and we have additional opportunities for development in Stora Bernstorp and Fosie.

Malmö is a fantastic city with many opportunities. Things are happening in every direction in the city, and we are playing a part in contributing to the development of areas such as Dockan, Nyhamnen, Hyllie and Fosie.

Andreas Ivarsson, Director of Projects & Developments of Wihlborgs Fastigheter
Andreas Ivarsson, Director of Projects & Developments of Wihlborgs Fastigheter

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