Attractive employer

At Wihlborgs, all employees should enjoy their work and feel job satisfaction, and the aim is for all employees to develop and grow with the company. This is in the interests of both the individual and the company.

Wihlborgs iWihlborgs is to be an attractive, efficient and sustainable company to work for and lease properties from. Our ambition is to be the best workplace in the property sector by 2020 – a vision we are working systematically to achieve. We measure our corporate climate and workplace culture every year via Great Place to Work. We have chosen this model as it offers the chance to make external comparisons and ensure we measure the aspects considered significant in terms of developing a committed organisation. Our fundamental view is that by creating contentment at work in our own organisation, we can spread this feeling to our tenants, suppliers and other stakeholders. This way we can create more Wihlborgs ambassadors. Offering a modern and attractive workplace is also crucial in terms of attracting the right skills and abilities. 

Work environment

For us, it is natural that our employees should have a safe and secure workplace with no risk of incidents or accidents. Responsibility for the work environment is shared by all of the company’s employees, but a work environment group is also in place that drives and evaluates initiatives to improve our work environment. Our systematic management of work-environment issues influences how we plan, lead and follow up all areas of operations.

With regard to the property portfolio, regular safety inspections are performed to identify possible risks and, where necessary, draw up action plans to improve the work environment.

Equality and diversity

Providing an attractive, efficient and sustainable workplace means being an inclusive workplace, and this applies irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. The average age of employees is 44 years. The age structure is varied (see more in the GRI appendix), and we have broadened our recruitment base and tested new forms when recruiting landlords, station hosts and property managers. It is self-evident that women and men should have the same opportunities for development at Wihlborgs, which is why we monitor gender distribution at different levels. A total of 35 percent of employees in the Group are women. Our goal is for the distribution among managers to match this. Group Management and the Board of Directors have a gender distribution that can be considered equal, and Wihlborgs has made it onto AllBright’s list of the Stockholm Exchange’s most gender-equal companies for several years in a row.

Gender distribution at Wihlborgs 2018-12-31   
  No. Of individuals No. of women Percentage women
Board of Directors  7 3 43%
Group Management  5 3 60%
Managers 34 15 44%
White-collar employees 109 55 50%
Blue-collar employees 88 13 15%
Total  197 68 35%
Picture of Anna Nambord
Anna Nambord
Director of HR and CSR