Attractive employer

At Wihlborgs, all employees should enjoy their work and feel job satisfaction, and the aim is for all employees to develop and grow with the company. This is in the interests of both the individual and the company.

Trust. Well-being. Pride.

Wihlborgs is to be an attractive, efficient and sustainable company to work for and lease properties from. Our ambition is to be the best workplace in the property sector by 2020 – a vision we are working systematically to achieve.

We measure our corporate climate and workplace culture every year via Great Place to Work. We have chosen this model as it offers the chance to make external comparisons and ensure we measure the aspects considered significant in terms of developing a committed organisation. Our fundamental view is that by creating contentment at work in our own organisation, we can spread this feeling to our tenants, suppliers and other stakeholders. This way we can create more Wihlborgs ambassadors.

Offering a modern and attractive workplace is also crucial in terms of attracting the right skills and abilities. 

Health and work environment

Exciting challenges and a balance in life should act in harmony when working for us. We want Wihlborgs to be a sustainable workplace and inspire customers and suppliers when it comes to the work environment and the development of workplaces, which is why we work actively on issues relating to the work environment, health and community.

For us, it is natural that our employees should have a safe and secure workplace with no risk of incidents or accidents. Responsibility for the work environment is shared by all of the company’s employees, but a work environment group is also in place that drives and evaluates initiatives to improve our work environment. Our systematic management of work-environment issues influences how we plan, lead and follow up all areas of operations.

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Culture and competence

We are proud of our culture – something we often call the Wihlborgs philosophy. It has contributed to our success and is often specified by customers and employees as a reason to recommend Wihlborgs. It is permeated by our values: action, knowledge, honesty and community. Our culture is the result of our active cultural efforts that we conduct in our day-to-day work and through various events, for example our annual kick-off. 

The Wihlborgs Academy

It is important to us that our employees both want to and have the opportunity to develop themselves.  Skills development is ensured through the Wihlborgs Academy, which is both a collective term for all of our skills development initiatives and a system through which employees can access digital training courses, register for future courses and see which courses
they have participated in.

A flat organisation

Wihlborgs has a flat organisation with proximity to both managers and colleagues. Our organisation reflects the two parts of the business model and consists of property management, a project and development department and central functions such as finance, IT, communications/marketing and sustainable business. Wihlborgs’ head office is located in Malmö and in addition to this we have regional offices in Lund, Helsingborg and Copenhagen.  

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Targets and outcome - attractive employer

Further information on goals and outcome from our sustainability efforts is found in the Annual Report and Sustainability Report

Committed employees

Our employees are one of our most vital resources. Our committed and competent employees mean we are able to maintain a high level of quality and focus on customers in our operations.

Target 2022: Trust Index shall be at least 85 percent according to Great Place to Work’s measurement methodology. The Trust Index is a gauge of employees’ perceptions of trust, pride and friendship at the workplace.

Outcome 2020: Trust Index 87 percent

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Equality and diversity

For us, inclusiveness is self-evident. The fact that one of our values is “community” is a clear symbol of this. We value the fact that people have different backgrounds and skills, and see the strength in listening to different perspectives. We are also convinced that diversity among our employees helps us understand our different types of customers.

The average age is 43 and women make up a total of 42 percent. We have an equal gender distribution among managers, in Group Management and on the Board of Directors. Wihlborgs has also figured on the AllBright foundation’s list of the most gender-equal listed companies for several years. Wihlborgs also took joint first place in the European Women on Boards Gender Diversity Index, in which 600 of the largest European companies are ranked in terms of gender equality in executive management and on boards of directors.

We will continue to focus extra on those groups where gender distribution remains unequal, and we have also taken steps to employ people from different backgrounds. One example of this is a trainee programme for property caretakers we launched in 2020, which aims to guarantee long-term skills and increase diversity in terms of gender, age and background.

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Picture of Anna Nambord
Anna Nambord
Director of Sustainable Business
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Tove Gleisner
HR Director