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Information about cookies on wihlborgs.se

This page contains information about cookies, how we use cookies and what types of cookies we use on wihlborgs.se.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file with information that the website you are visiting requests to save on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. It contains a small amount of data with information about what you do when you visit the website.

How do we use cookies on wihlborgs.se?

Wihlborgs.se uses cookies to provide you as a visitor with as smooth an experience as possible on our site and to allow us to follow up statistics, to enhance and further develop our website. In addition, we use cookies to optimise our website’s performance and user experience.  

In certain cases, cookies are also used to show you relevant marketing information. Even if each cookie has a unique ID number, we cannot see any of your personal information, such as your name or address through the cookies we collect. Certain cookies store information about IP addresses, but we do not use the information in a manner that combines your personal information with the cookie information.

How we process your personal data

What types of cookies do we use on wihlborgs.se?

We use three kinds of cookies on our website: session cookies, performance cookies and third-party cookies.

Session cookies

These are needed to help you utilise the functions offered on our website. Session cookies are stored temporarily during the time a user is visiting our website. A session cookie is not stored for any length of time on your computer, but disappears when the browser is closed or when a visitor has been inactive for some time.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies help us to understand how visitors use our site so we can continuously improve and further develop the website, and provide users with as smooth an experience as possible. The amount of time a cookie is stored on your device depends on the duration of the specific cookie and your browser settings.

Third-party cookies

We use third-party cookies to register web statistics for our website, which enables us to improve our website. As the name suggests, the cookie is stored on your computer by a third party — not our website — and these cookies therefore belong to a domain other than our own. The amount of time a cookie is stored on your device depends on the duration of the specific cookie and your browser settings.

We use these cookies on wihlborgs.se

Necessary cookies

These make our service secure and ensure that everything works as it should. You cannot opt out of them. 

Name Description
ASP.NET_SessionId We use session cookies during an individual http session, not to store information about visitors between sessions. These cookies are necessary for you to navigate the site.
wihlborgs.se This cookie remembers search filters so we know which users have accepted cookies. This means that visitors do not need to approve cookies on every page they visit.

Statistics and evaluation

Provides information about how our website is used so we can maintain, operate and improve visitor experiences.

Name Description
Google Analytics We use the web analysis tool Google Analytics to understand and interpret visitor behaviour and strive to enhance the visitor experience of the website. Google Analytics stores no personal information about you as a visitor, and can neither identify you as an individual nor your computer. The information collected is never stored for longer than 38 months.
Evolution 360 We use a tool called Evolution360 to track which pages are popular and visited by unique visitors. The system’s cookies do not save visitors’ personal data, but in certain cases which organisation visited which page. 

Embedded content

These cookies allow us to display content from third-party suppliers. This also includes cookies for marketing. 

Name Description

Linkedin.com (AnalyticsSyncHistori, UserMatchHistori, bcookie, li_gc, lidc)

ads.linkedin.com (lang)

We use these cookies for connections to LinkedIn, and to enable you as a visitor to share content to LinkedIn. We might market related content to you on LinkedIn with retargeting ads.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook.com (datr, oo, sb)

We use these cookies for connections to Facebook, and to enable you as a visitor to share content to Facebook. We might market related content to you on Facebook and Instagram with retargeting ads.
Emerse.com (euid) Within the framework of retargeting and banner advertising, we use services from the third party Emerse, which stores cookies on our website. This concerns the following provider: Emerse Sverige AB, Lilla Fiskaregatan 1A, 222 22 Lund, Sweden. 

You can turn off cookies in your browser

You can disable cookies if you do not want them to be used. You can do this in your browser’s security settings. Even if you choose to disable cookies, you can navigate and browse content on our website, though it might look different – for example, without any embedded clips from YouTube.