Sustainable business

At Wihlborgs, sustainability is the foundation of profitable business. For this reason, we apply a long-term approach to continuously develop in a sustainable direction. Our operations mean we are part of creating the preconditions for the Öresund region’s business community to grow and develop. Our roots are deeply anchored in the Öresund region and this is where our future is. This means that we care about what happens in our surrounding environment, in our society and to the people who live and work here. Both now and in the future. Sustainable business is part of our DNA and governs the course we take.

Focus on long-term, sustainable growth

Wihlborgs is both a region-builder and a relationship-builder. We adopt a long-term perspective as we invest and develop our operations, which gives us the opportunity to make sustainable investments and take the economy, people and the environment into account in all of our decisions. This also means we have a stable foundation from which to manage shifts in the market.

Our strategy entails a focus on long-term, sustainable growth. All three parts of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) agenda are to be integrated into our business and operations. However, sustainable development is not created by one company or one organisation alone; collaboration with others and proximity to our customers – who represent a major part of the business community of this region – have always been part of our approach. When we collaborate with others – companies, cities, universities, the public sector and non-profit sector – we are able to continue developing the Öresund region.

Four areas that are close to our hearts  

Wihlborgs’ sustainability framework comprises four main areas: responsible business, sustainable properties, attractive employer and commitment to the region and the community.

The purpose of defining these four areas is to provide a clear focus and ensure our efforts have a greater impact. We have prioritised a number of topics within each area that we measure and follow up systematically.

Sustainability targets

Five goals have been established within the area of sustainability as part of the Group’s overall goals. We also have additional goals within each area of our sustainability framework.

We have also established a longer term, scientific goal to reduce our CO2 emissions, which has been approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). Our sustainability initiatives also contribute in many ways to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read more about our sustainability framework, our sustainability targets and our sustiainability reporting

The relationship-builder

We have relationships with a great variety of stakeholders, all of whom have different needs and expectations of us. A common thread in all of these relationships is that we prioritise a long-term approach and strong commitment. Our main stakeholders are customers, shareholders, lenders, employees, suppliers, municipalities and regions.


Naturally, the most important stakeholders are our customers. We want them to feel that we are close by and can help them on their journey. Requirements to change premises must never stand in the way of the development of their business.


Our employees are key figures in our relationship with customers. For this reason, it is important for us to have proud and committed employees who are prepared to take responsibility and go the extra mile for a customer or colleague. We work actively to be an attractive employer.


Our suppliers are also an important part of our value chain, which is why we place stringent requirements on them in terms of health, safety, the environment and ethical conduct.

Willingness to recommend Wihlborgs

When customers and employees are prepared to recommend Wihlborgs, we see a benefit in terms of attracting new colleagues and customers. This is why we regularly measure their willingness to recommend us through our customer and employee surveys. 

The region-builder

The development of the Öresund region in a positive direction is vital for people and companies that work here as well as for Wihlborgs’ continued growth. For us, being a region-builder means contributing to the sustainable development of the region and inspiring others to do the same. We achieve this by developing sustainable workplaces, city districts and whole cities, but also by giving our customers the chance to meet and create new business opportunities.

Commitment to the region and its society

We support initiatives focusing on work, inclusiveness and education to give young people the opportunities and motivation to gain an education and thus provide companies with access to a highly educated labour force. Infrastructure is a
core issue for the continued development of the region and we are therefore committed to expanding new infrastructure, such as a fixed connection between Helsingborg and Helsingør and an Öresund metro line between Malmö and Copenhagen. 

Environment and climate

Of course, we have a responsibility to consider the environment in everything we do. The construction and property sector currently accounts for just over a fifth of Sweden’s total climate impact. This means we have a major responsibility to do all we can to reduce out carbon footprint and inspire others to make significant changes. 

Picture of Fredrik Ljungdahl
Fredrik Ljungdahl
ESG Controller
Picture of Anna Nambord
Anna Nambord
Director of Sustainable Business