Commitment to the region and its community

Wihlborgs’ mission and operations both contribute to the development of the Öresund region. We construct properties and city districts that enable companies to grow. As a major player, we also have a responsibility to contribute to the long-term growth and development of both the cities and the region as a whol

Our stakeholder groups have also expressed their expectations in various contexts, including that Wihlborgs should be a part of driving forward the region’s growth. We want to achieve this by contributing our knowledge, resources and networks that can help promote sustainable development economically, environmentally and socially. Our commitment to the region and society has led to us choosing to focus principally on initiatives that benefit employment, training, inclusion and equality. We do this via:

  • Local investments and purchasing
  • Societal commitment through collaboration
  • Partnerships that are expected to have a positive impact on work, training, inclusion and equality.

Societal commitment through collaboration

To foster positive developments, collaboration is required between different sectors such as business, academia, volunteer organisations, authorities and municipalities. One example of an initiative taken by Wihlborgs but conducted in collaboration with the Swedish Transport Administration, Skånetrafiken and the City of Helsingborg, is the station hosts at Knutpunkten in Helsingborg – see below.

Wihlborgs’ “Kontaktyta” is a forum we launched in 2014 and through which we invite customers, partners and others to development meetings and create a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange.  

From sponsorship to commitment

We have worked consciously for several years on making the transition from traditional sponsorship of sports associations and teams, for example, to supporting activities and initiatives linked to training, mentorship, jobs and other forms of social responsibility. We want to influence sports associations to enable focused support for social initiatives within the framework of the associations’ operations. This work is governed by our sponsorship policy. 

Local investments and purchasing

Part of Wihlborgs’ strategy is to be active locally, and we therefore favour local purchases as far as possible. This approach helps the business community grow and develop, thus creating new business opportunities for us in turn. Another positive effect is a reduction in transportation. Wihlborgs has 440 agreements distributed across 306 suppliers, of which 97 percent are local (31 December 2018).

Organisations and networks

Many of Wihlborgs’ employees sit on external boards and forums through which they highlight important issues concerning urban development. We are represented on various boards, including those of Fastighetsägarna Syd, Fastighetsföreningen Lund City, Malmö Citysamverkan, Lund Citysamverkan, Helsingborg Citysamverkan, Medeon, Ideon and Øresundsinstituttet. In terms of environmental issues, we are active in networks such as the Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC), the environmental think-tank Tankesmedjan Miljö, Klimatsamverkan Skåne, Lund’s Climate Alliance, the Swedish Association for Sustainable Business (NMC), Solar Region Skåne and Sustainable Talks in Helsingborg. 

Picture of Hans Andersson
Hans Andersson
Business Developer