Wihlborgs’ Prisma gains a tech focus with HETCH

Wihlborgs has signed an agreement with the new tech hub HETCH starting in Helsingborg in August. When Wihlborgs’ Prisma project in Oceanhamnen is completed at the end of 2020, HETCH will occupy 1,900 m².

Prisma, Oceanhamnen, Helsingborg

At Hetch, start-ups, fast-growing technology companies and larger established companies can have a meeting place and conduct research and development in the tech sector. Hetch offers access to accelerators, start-up communities, flexible workspaces, links to academia and research, business advisors, investors and a supporting network. The driving force behind this is David Nilsson Sträng, the founder and formerly part-owner of Smart Refill. The founding partners in HETCH are SUP46, Wihlborgs and Cremento with the CEO of Resurs Bank, Kenneth Nilsson. Hetch is also supported by the City of Helsingborg.

“My vision is for Hetch to help Helsingborg become the leading tech city in Sweden. To this end, we have chosen to partner with SUP46, one of Europe’s leading start-up communities, which will become one part of Hetch. This is their first establishment outside of Stockholm. But I am also convinced that our success is based on the ability of Hetch to attract not only start-ups, but also established companies that can locate their innovation teams here. A good example is Resurs Bank, who is part of the project from the start,” says David Nilsson Sträng.

Hetch starts in August and is leasing 500 m² in Wihlborgs’ property at Järnvägsgatan 7, and when Prisma is completed at the end of 2020, it will move into 1,900 m² with an option to lease a further 1,800 m².

“Hetch is a great platform where tech companies can meet and drive development. Helsingborg has a long-standing focus on digitisation and Hetch further strengthens this focus. Gathering together companies in the same tech sectors stimulates, inspires and energises the continued development of these companies,” says Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs.

“Our vision is for Prisma to become a tech centre, where Hetch comprises a hub that also adds value for other companies in the building. Moreover, as a major property owner in Helsingborg, we are well-placed to help Hetch companies continue their development as their needs change,” says Ulrika Hallengren.

Read more at www.hetch.se and wihlborgs.se/en/projects/helsingborg/prisma-helsingborg/ (http://www.wihlborgs.se/en/projects/helsingborg/prisma-helsingborg/)

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