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Sustainable properties

We focus on reducing environmental impact and developing properties with high environmental performance. Certified properties are a way to measure this work.

På Wihlborgs har vi kontinuerligt fokus på att minska miljöpåverkan.
På Wihlborgs förvaltar vi våra fastigheter på ett effektivt och hållbart sätt.
Wihlborgs långsiktiga mål är att 100 procent av våra fastigheter i koncernen ska vara miljöcertifierade.

We have our own, ambitious goals but it is only when operators and sectors come together that properly significant changes begin to be realised. Of course, we also cooperate with our tenants to jointly contribute to reduced environmental impact.

Ambitious environmental goals drive us to do the right thing

We are convinced that you have to aim high to achieve results. We want to contribute to sustainable social development together with our customers and partners. That's why we have set ambitious goals in the environmental area.

Our environmental work is guided by our environmental policy and our environmental and climate goals, but also by our responsibility linked to the UN's 17 global goals and participation in external initiatives such as Fossilfritt Sverige, LFM30 - local action plan for a climate-neutral construction and construction sector in Malmö 2030 and others. We also have demands on our suppliers when it comes to environmental impact. 

Our environmental policy

Our environmental and climate goals


Since a number of years, we have been certifying all of our new construction projects according to the Swedish certification system Miljöbyggnad, normally at the gold level. The gold level is a high level that can be achieved by the most ambitious buildings, and means that the building performs far above legal requirements. To reach the gold level, the building must be very energy efficient, have a good sound environment, ventilation, environmentally and health-friendly materials, and a very good indoor environment in general.

Miljöbyggnad developed by Sweden Green Building Council is our main certification standard and requires recurrent verifications to retain certification. A certification places stringent requirements on documentation, including documentation for building material. 

Zero CO2 

ZeroCO2 is a certification for new buildings that aims to achieve net zero climate impact for the entire lifespan of the building. To certify a building according to Zero CO2, the carbon dioxide emissions from the production of building materials must be reduced by at least 30% compared to a similar building, and the carbon dioxide emissions from the construction processes must be minimized.

A limit on the building's energy consumption is also set, and any remaining climate impact must be balanced with climate measures to achieve a net zero climate impact. This certification is being pursued for the Vista office building (Bläckhornet 1) in an effort to reduce the climate impact of Wihlborgs' new construction projects.


We have also begun health certifications due to an increased focus from customers on health-promoting workplaces. Our first health-certified building will be Kvartetten in Hyllie, which, in addition to Miljöbyggnad Gold, will also be certified according to WELL. This is a health certification that focuses on the ten areas that, according to research, have the greatest impact on our well-being, such as diet, mind, community, sound, light, air, water and movement. Our upcoming projects Zenit in Lund and Vista in Hyllie will also be certified according to WELL.

Miljöbyggnad iDrift

We are also focusing on reducing environmental impact and promoting good working conditions for our customers in existing properties and have therefore been active in SGBC's pilot project to develop a Swedish certification for existing buildings - Miljöbyggnad iDrift. Wihlborgs was one of the first property companies to receive an approved certification according to the new system in 2020 for the Delta 4 building in Ideon, Lund. With the support of the new system, we are now increasing the pace of work to increase the percentage of certified properties. 

Miljöbyggnad iDrift focuses on indoor environment, health, environmental impact, resources and the condition of the building. An important part of this certification is the mandatory requirements that include the impact of tenants on the environmental performance of the building, which leads to a closer dialogue and closer cooperation between us and tenants.

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Do you have questions or thoughts about how we conduct our environmental and climate work or how we work with sustainability in our properties? We are here to answer your questions.

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