Sustainable properties

As a major property owner, we have excellent prerequisites for influencing and improving everything from energy consumption to the vehicles we use. Our three focus areas are environmentally certified buildings, energy use and environmental impact.

Energy is the area in which we have the greatest impact on the environment and, also, where we can make a substantial contribution through energy efficiency. With Green Buildings, green leases, requirements for green cars and clear environmental targets, we are continuing our efforts to reduce our environmental impact and CO2 emissions.

Wihlborgs’ environmental responsibility is based on ethical guidelines, environmental policy and current environmental targets. The policy and targets were prepared by employees and the Environmental Manager and adopted by Wihlborgs’ management and Board.

Wihlborgs’ operations are subject to Swedish and Danish legislation. Living up to the prudence principle and environmental legislation form the minimum requirements for our environmental efforts. As part of ensuring that we comply with the applicable legal requirements in the environmental area, we use an external database that is continuously updated with new laws in our field of operations. We also perform regular environmental-risk analyses which, in many cases, reflect the environmental areas that concern us from a compliance perspective.

Wihlborgs’ environmental vision for the period up to 2020 is to continue to expand while reducing our environmental impact. Our environmental policy, the Group’s environmental targets and its environmental programme were maintained during the year and we continued to undertake measures to reduce our climate impact and increase biodiversity in our properties’ green spaces.

Picture of Staffan Fredlund
Staffan Fredlund
Environmental Manager