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Nu bygger vi Kvartetten i Hyllie - ett unikt kontorshus på 16 000 kvm med människan i fokus. Inflyttning våren 2023.

Kvartetten, Malmö

In fantastic Hyllie, buzzing with activity and development, we are creating room for even more work satisfaction with our office building just a stone’s throw from the station. The building’s four eye-catching facades are tied to the Öresund region, where each part is unique and inspired by different areas in the region.
Picture of Andreas Ivarsson

Andreas Ivarsson

Director of Projects and Development
+46 40-690 57 23

An inspiring office building with several facades and identities

We have recently made room for more work satisfaction in Hyllie with the Origo and Dungen properties, which were awarded the 2019 Urban Design Prize in Malmö. At Kvartetten, we are building our third office building in Hyllie. In terms of appearance, we are creating an inspiring building with several facades, all with different identities and designs based on local areas in the Öresund region. The different facades, materials, colours and designs bring to mind quilts and fields, the Skåne soil and the green of Malmö’s city parks as well as Höganäs Keramik and the limestone quarry in Limhamn.

16,000 sqm of flexible floor planning

The building’s design and size, totaling 16,000 square metres, mean scope for large premises and flexible floor plans with views in every direction. We want people to feel like they are in their own little city when they are inside the building. This will be an office of possibilities, where you have full flexibility in terms of the size of the premises and can have almost any design you please. Why not create your office on a single storey of up to 2,500 m² across all four buildings? Or would a layout of several storeys in the same building and your own stairs in between work better? The choice is yours! Regardless of which layout you choose, a comforting northern light is part of the deal. The building will of course be certified SGBC Gold  with a focus on the environment and well-being.


The social office building in Hyllie – a natural meeting place

Right after you walk in, you find yourself in the light garden at the heart of the building – a natural meeting place for everyone who works in the building, an area with a lot of light thanks to a fantastic glazed atrium that creates sense of space and freedom. There is a lobby with a reception and several shared conference rooms that you can rent when you want a change of surroundings, or when your own conference rooms are insufficient. Quite simply, a social space for all kinds of meetings. On the ground floor we also have space for a restaurant with outdoor seating.

Roof terrace, balconies and sport depot

The southern wing of the building will have a large roof terrace with a fantastic view, outdoor work spaces and an open portion with shade and lots of greenery. A pleasant place to pass the time. In addition to the roof terrace, we are building balconies on the southern side of the building to take full advantage of the sunlight. There is a sport depot – including, of course, a shower and locker room – on the ground floor for those who ride their bikes to work, where you can leave your bicycle during the day. We will also have a place for the shipping service Instabox, a quick, adaptable and easy way to have packages delivered and to make life a little easier.

Project facts

  • Property

    Pulpeten 5

  • Location

    Hyllie, Malmö

  • Floor space

    About 16,000 m2

  • Environmental classification

    SGBC Gold

  • Construction start

    Q1 2021

  • Occupancy

    Q1 2023

  • Architect

    Krook & Tjäder

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Rickard Berlin

Project Manager
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Picture of Andreas Ivarsson

Andreas Ivarsson

Director of Projects and Development
+46 40-690 57 23
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