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Visionsbild från ett möjligt kontor med sittplatser och ett kök, Kvartetten i Malmö.

Kvartetten, Malmö

Kvartetten in Hyllie – a unique 16,000 m² people-centric office building.
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Camilla Asplund

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In Kvartetten, we have created fantastic office spaces with outdoor workplaces, a bicycle lounge and health certification. A workplace with prerequisites for a working environment that provides energy for work as well as for life at the end of the working day. Simply put, a human-certified workplace.

  • Hyllie’s largest roof terrace

    Both for work and for relaxation

  • Certifications

    Sweden Green Building Council, WELL and NollCO2

  • Hyllie station

    Two minute walk

  • Copenhagen airport

    10 minute train journey across the bridge

  • Malmö C

    6 minute train journey

  • Bike lounge


  • Parcel box


  • Co-working


  • Reception


A people-centric workplace

Kvartetten offers fantastic natural lighting, high ceilings and a great view across Öresund. Stringent requirements for acoustics, air temperature and air quality in the entire building mean that you will be provided with all the energy you need to make the most of your workday and still have energy left for all of your evening activities.

And it’s easy to reach Kvartetten whether it be by train, bike or car. Hyllie station is just a two minute walk and there is a modern bike lounge at entrance level and parking in the garage.

During a normal day at Kvartetten, we provide all of the prerequisites to make the most out of life. That’s why we have a parcel box in the bulding, take away services from the restaurant, a nearby gym and shopping opportunities at the Emporia shopping centre around the corner.

Wihlborgs kontorshus Kvartetten med enbart 2 min promenad till Hyllie station.
The terrace at Kvartetten.
Det är lätt att cykla både till och från jobbet till Kontorshuset Kvartetten i Hyllie. Dessutom meds cykellounge i bottenplan.

Get a 360 degree view of Kvartetten

Kvartetten offers fantastic natural lighting, high ceilings and a spectacular view across Öresund. This is all to give you the energy you need to give your most during the workday and still have energy left for all of your evening activities. Click in the image to start the 360 degree tour!

Our new offices at Kvartetten enable us to bring together more than 1,000 employees in Malmö under one roof, which is an important milestone and a crucial success factor for our continued expansion after merging with Moderna Försäkringar. Wihlborgs has been very responsive to our specific needs that concern everything from employees’ well-being to our stringent sustainability requirements.

Mats Dahlquist, CEO of Trygg-Hansa
Read the entire press release here
I kontorshuset Kvartetten är det högt ställda krav på akustik, lufttemperatur och luftkvalitet i hela huset.
Kvartetten - cykellounge
Wihlborgs kontorshus Kvartetten bjuder på Hyllies största takterrass med både utomhusarbetsplatser, wifi, grönska och fantastisk utsikt över Öresund.

Flexible floor planning

Kvartetten comes with flexibility. We adapt the premises after your requirements and can offer entire floors of up to 2,500 m². At Kvartetten, you can grow, shrink, and grow again!

Service in the building

The fantastic light in the atrium provides a natural meeting place for everyone in the building. Kvartetten has a staffed reception with a barista, parcel box, joint meeting rooms and a restaurant with outdoor facilities. If you cycle to work, you will find a spacious bike lounge with parking, changing rooms and showers at entrance level.

Hyllie’s largest roof terrace

The building’s south side has a fantastic roof terrace with beautiful greenery and a view across Öresund. Hyllie’s largest roof terrace has outdoor work spaces with electricity, Wi-Fi and an open portion with shade and bountiful greenery. It is perfect for those that want to spent part of the workday outdoors, or for meetings and socialising.

Those who would rather use the roof terrace for a break and recovery are welcome to use the break rooms in this calm, cosy space. Many of the offices will also have direct access to balconies, perfect for meetings or coffee with the team.

Kvartetten is triple certified in line with SGBC Gold, WELL and NollCO2. We have made careful material choices both for your health and well-being and to minimise impact on the climate. With smart design, we reduce the amount of materials needed in our construction and we reuse material. The bricks of some of the inner walls are from the renovation of our Magasinet property in Malmö, pearwood panelling from Hotel Villa Copenhagen will adorn the stairwells and we are using recycled steel, textiles and aluminium to name some examples.

Projec facts Kvartetten

  • Property

    Pulpeten 5

  • Floor space

    About 16,000 m2

  • Environmental classification

    SGBC Gold

  • Construction start


  • Occupancy

    Summer 2023

  • Tenants

    Trygg-Hansa, Mindpark, Restaurant SPILL

  • Architect

    Krook & Tjäder

  • Location


At Mindpark, we work with creating value in all parts of our operations – from co-working and conferences to events, bistro and as a meeting place. We are now witnessing considerable potential to create value for everyone involved in Kvartetten.

Emelie Andersson, Site Manager for Mindpark
Emelie Andersson, Site Manager for Mindpark

Our tenants make everything possible!

Mindpark develops its service offering at Kvartetten

At Kvartetten, award winning and successful co-working company Mindpark offers its services to tenants and visitors. The reception is manned by Mindpark and the visitors are greeted by a barista. Mindpark offers co-working spaces and meeting rooms, as well as breakfast and fruit baskets. They also arrange events in and outside of the building.

Mindpark is a tenant of Wihlborgs both in Slagthuset in Malmö and in the old Tretorn factory in Helsingborg. Kvartetten is Wihlborgs’ third property in which Mindpark has premises.

SPILL – a passion for cooking, the environment and the future

Restaurant SPILL is run by the couple Erik and Ellinor and is the first restaurant in Sweden that serves food prepared essentially only from raw materials that otherwise would have been thrown away. In this way, they combine their passion for cooking and service with a responsibility for the environment and the future. A concept that suits Kvartetten down to the ground, where people and the environment are in focus.

SPILL is listed in the White Guide and currently has a location in Gängtappen at Dockan in Malmö. The couple are now opening their second restaurant – in Kvartetten. You will be able to eat breakfast here, hold lunch meetings, order catering for your meeting or why not take your order home with you to your family.

Mindpark flyttar in i kontorshuset Kvartetten i Hyllie och skapar en levande bottenplan i huset
Erik Andersson Mohlin och Ellinor Lindblom Mohlin som idag driver restaurangen SPILL både i Dockan och Hyllie.
I kontorshuset Kvartetten ges det gott om utrymme för möten och umgänge

Opening a restaurant in an environmental building like Kvartetten feels perfect and really suits our concept. The hope is that office guests will value climate-smart and tasty meals just as much as we do.

Erik Andersson, chef and owner of restaurant SPILL
Erik Andersson, chef and owner of restaurant SPILL

Find your way to Kvartetten

Kvartetten is located in the middle of Hyllie, just two minutes' walk from Hyllie station. With close proximity to everything that Hyllie has to offer.

Close to Hyllie Station

Easy to take the bike to and from Hyllie.

Emporia shopping centre is close by.

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Why Wihlborgs?

We Love Malmö

We are dedicated to the positive development of Malmö. That is why we work closely with the city and other important players in the region. We help develop the city and take responsibility here, in all the areas we can. It is also important for us to create dynamic urban environments that work for everyone who lives and works here.

Our own property caretakers

Since we manage our own properties, we are always on hand. This means we can act quickly when something happens or new needs arise. Each building has its own property caretaker, which enables us to maintain a continuous dialogue with you and to be keenly aware of any needs that arise. You are close to our heart.

Market leader in the region

Lund, Helsingborg, Malmö and Copenhagen. The Öresund region is our market – where we call home. Our size creates opportunities for you to grow together with us.

Rely on us

When you lease a property or premises from Wihlborgs, it is important for us that you feel confident in our ability to manage our properties and conduct our operations sustainably.