Responsible business

For Wihlborgs, it is self-evident that our brand should represent sound values and that financial stability is a prerequisite in enabling us to assume responsibility for our role in societal development.

For Wihlborgs, it is self-evident that our brand should represent sound values and that financial stability is a prerequisite of enabling us to assume responsibility for our role in societal development. Wihlborgs’ overall goal and strategy is to apply a growth business model and to be one of the leading and most profitable property companies on the Stockholm Exchange. To achieve this goal, Wihlborgs will consolidate and further secure its market positions in the Öresund region by concentrating on various regional sub-markets. We will actively enhance the property portfolio through the acquisition, development and sale of properties. We will also manage the property portfolio, focusing on high cost-efficiency and high occupancy rates. Active commitment and high levels of service will help strengthen our customer relationships further. We will also act to ensure the company’s and the region’s long-term sustainable development.  

Financial performance

A profitable Wihlborgs is vital if we are to be able to implement our strategies and achieve our targets. To be able to invest in a sustainable way of working, we have to reach our financial targets; at the same time, we must operate in a sustainable manner to achieve these targets in the long term. Wihlborgs’ financial targets are to produce:

  • A return on equity that exceeds the risk-free interest rate by no less than six percentage points
  • An equity/assets ratio of not less than 30 percent
  • A loan-to-value ratio of not more than 60 percent
  • A minimum interest coverage ratio of 2.0

Achieving our financial targets also affects our ability to contribute to sustainable development in other ways. A solid financial base is a prerequisite for operating as a stable business partner to suppliers and customers alike. This, combined with our ability to offer functional and adaptable premises for a range of sectors, can help the business community in our region to continue growing. Financial success is also an important factor in standing out as an attractive employer; it affords us the scope to develop our employees and create an attractive workplace, which in turn enables us to attract the right personnel.

Responsibility at every stage

As the market leader, Wihlborgs has a responsibility to be ethically correct in its business affairs and to serve as a positive example. Our business relationships and working methods are to be consistently characterised by our values: knowledge, honesty, action and community. We conduct business on the basis of our core values and our organisation has short decisionmaking paths. We work continuously on our work environment, culture and skills to retain and develop our positive business climate. Our hope is that this may have a positive effect on both tenants and suppliers. However, our ability to exert influence varies across different parts of our value chain. In the course of direct contact with tenants, suppliers and contractors, we have greater influence than with contacts further back in the value chain – such as subcontractors to our contractors.

Responsible customer relationships

We manage our own properties, which immediately entails a close relationship to the customers. This enables us to pursue a continuous dialogue with them and to be keenly aware of any needs that arise. In addition to continuous dialogue with our tenants, a customer survey is conducted biennially through which tenants have the opportunity to offer their views and thereby influence Wihlborgs’ actions and offerings in the long term. 


Suppliers and contractors

In many cases, Wihlborgs’ suppliers have direct contact with our tenants, thus influencing the business relations in Wihlborgs’ value chain. Consequently, it is of paramount importance that we impose requirements on suppliers with regard to business ethics, professional competence and service, since very often they represent Wihlborgs in their contact with tenants. Their actions have a direct impact on how our customers perceive Wihlborgs. We want to ensure that everyone who works on behalf of Wihlborgs has acceptable working conditions and a good work environment. We also want to ensure that the suppliers work to reduce their environmental impact, which is why we place strict requirements on the suppliers, just as we do on ourselves. Wihlborgs’ purchasing function is responsible for ensuring the company has a professional purchasing process, that we select suppliers who are sustainable from both a financial and a sustainability perspective. The purchasing function is there to ensure that agreements are drawn up with a majority of our suppliers, and for checking that the suppliers with whom we enter into agreements have sound finances and have signed with Wihlborgs’ Code of Conduct, which comprises requirements within areas such as environment, work environment and ethics, and anti-corruption (in line with the UN Global Compact’s recognised principles). 

Ethics and anti-corruption

We at Wihlborgs naturally work hard to act in an ethically correct manner and actively counter corruption. Wihlborgs always has these issues on the agenda, with the aim of ensuring a zero incidence for cases of corruption or unethical action. This is ensured in the following ways: As a guide for Board members, employees, suppliers and contractors, Wihlborgs has established ethical guidelines that are evaluated and updated annually by the Board. These guidelines are available to read in their entirety at We have also produced a practical guide, “Wihlborgs’ business ethics”, in which we clearly define our view of what is to be regarded as bribery and how people are expected to act in their day-to-day work. All new employees undertake practical training each year at which potential dilemmas are discussed and guidance is provided as to how they should act in various situations that may arise.

To enable suspicions about corruption or similar improprieties to be expressed, Wihlborgs has established a whistle-blower function for this purpose.

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