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Responsible business

For us, it is a matter of course that we must standup for good values. Trust is crucial for a sustainable and successful business. Trust is built up over time and is the result of all decisions and actions in the organization where we must act honestly and with high business ethics.

As a market-leading real estate company, we at Wihlborgs have a responsibility to act ethically correctly and act as an example. Our business relationships and our way of working must be consistently characterized by our values; knowledge, honesty, action and community. We do business based on our values ​​and have an organization with short decision-making paths. We work continuously with work environment, culture and competence to maintain and develop our good business climate. Our goal is that this will have a positive impact on both tenants and suppliers and inspire development of our own organization.

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Supplier relationships

Wihlborgs sets stringent requirements for the suppliers we engage in line with our environmental and climate ambitions and social aspects such as the work environment. We want everyone who works on behalf of our company to have acceptable working conditions and a good work environment. There is also a clearer expectation concerning circularity, recycling and environmental statistics on the part of suppliers. More on our Code of Conduct for suppliers here.

We do not simply set requirements, however – we also like to help suppliers who do not meet our requirements to develop their sustainability initiatives. By offering our expertise, we can have a positive influence and help them take responsibility for their part of the value chain.

In order to support the development of the local business community and contribute to creating jobs in the Öresund region, we prioritize purchasing from suppliers who are established in the region. At the end of 2021, local suppliers accounted for 93 percent of our framework agreements.

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Long-term customer relationships

In addition to a continuous dialogue with our tenants, we conduct a customer survey every two years. The purpose is to identify, measure and develop Wihlborg's success factors. In the survey, our tenants have the opportunity to give their views on, and thereby ultimately influence, our actions and offer. In the 2022 survey, we had a total Customer Satisfaction Index (NKI) of 78 for offices, compared to the industry average of 75. 92 percent of customers can recommend Wihlborgs to a high or very high degree.

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Ethics and anti-corruption

We at Wihlborgs naturally work hard to act in an ethically correct manner and actively counter corruption. Wihlborgs always has these issues on the agenda, with the aim of ensuring a zero incidence for cases of corruption or unethical action. This is ensured in the following ways: As a guide for Board members, employees, suppliers and contractors, Wihlborgs has established ethical guidelines that are evaluated and updated annually by the Board.

If there is any suspicion of corruption or similar misconduct, it is possible to report this via our whistle-blowing function.


Quality in our purchases means quality for our tenants.

How we work with purchasing

Code of Conduct

We prioritise suppliers who share our values.

Our Code of Conduct

A sustainable economy

Good profitability, a high equity ratio and good access to capital are crucial for us to be able to take advantage of opportunities for new investments in the form of property acquisitions and new and remodeling projects. Good service to our customers and high quality of our premises provide the conditions for good rental income. This, together with good cost efficiency, lays the foundation for a good financial result.

We must reach our financial goals in order to be able to invest in a sustainable way of working, while at the same time we must work sustainably in order to be able to achieve our financial goals in the long run. Everything is connected.

In our annual and sustainability report, you can read more about our financial goals and our business goals.


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