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Responsible business

To be able to invest in a sustainable way of working, we have to reach our financial targets; at the same time, we must operate in a sustainable manner to achieve these targets in the long term.

Strong profitability, a high equity/assets ratio and good access to capital are vital for our ability to leverage opportunities for new investments in the form of property acquisitions and new-build and redevelopment projects. Good service to our customers and high-quality premises provide the conditions for strong rental
income. All of this, combined with strong cost efficiency, lays the foundations for strong financial results.

Responsibility at every stage

As the market leader, Wihlborgs has a responsibility to be ethically correct in its business affairs and to serve as a positive example. Our business relationships and working methods are to be consistently characterised by our values: knowledge, honesty, action and community. We conduct business on the basis of our core values and our organisation has short decisionmaking paths.

We work continuously on our work environment, culture and skills to retain and develop our positive business climate. Our hope is that this may have a positive effect on both tenants and suppliers. However, our ability to exert influence varies across different parts of our value chain. In the course of direct contact with tenants, suppliers and contractors, we have greater influence than with contacts further back in the value chain – such as subcontractors to our contractors.

Customer relationships

Long-term and close relationships with our customers are vital for Wihlborgs. Providing commercial properties lies at the heart of  a company’s development, and we want to offer customers the opportunity to develop their operations without being limited by the size or design of their premises.

Supplier relationships

Cooperation with our suppliers is very important in our efforts to create long-term relationships with both tenants and suppliers. It is also crucial for the quality that the tenants experience.

Wihlborgs sets stringent requirements for the suppliers we engage in line with our environmental and climate ambitions and social aspects such as the work environment. We want everyone who works on behalf of our company to have acceptable working conditions and a good work environment. There is also a clearer expectation concerning circularity, recycling and environmental statistics on the part of suppliers. We do not simply set requirements, however – we also like to help suppliers who do not meet our requirements to develop their sustainability initiatives. By offering our expertise, we can have a positive influence and help them take responsibility for their part of the value chain.

Ethics and anti-corruption

We at Wihlborgs naturally work hard to act in an ethically correct manner and actively counter corruption. Wihlborgs always has these issues on the agenda, with the aim of ensuring a zero incidence for cases of corruption or unethical action. This is ensured in the following ways: As a guide for Board members, employees, suppliers and contractors, Wihlborgs has established ethical guidelines that are evaluated and updated annually by the Board.


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Code of conduct

We set ourselves stringent requirements in terms of quality, the environment and health and safety.

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In-house property management

To ensure we can have close relationships with our customers and efficiently take on board their viewpoints and needs, we have opted to manage our properties in-house. We have our own property caretakers who are responsible for specific properties and who meet our customers every day. This direct contact is invaluable for building trust and long-term relationships. Of course, we also offer digital contact channels so customers can easily report faults and service matters in our customer portal and receive feedback on them. Systematic management of these matters also helps us chart any recurring faults or problems at the properties so they can be remedied, with the aim of raising quality and avoiding recurring fault reports.

Customer surveys help us manage quality

In addition to continuous dialogue with our tenants, a customer survey is conducted biennially through which tenants have the opportunity to offer their views and thereby influence Wihlborgs’ actions and offerings in the long term. 

In the 2020 survey, Wihlborgs had an overall customer satisfaction index (CSI) of 77 for offices compared with the sector average of 75. 85 percent would be willing to recommend Wihlborgs as a landlord.