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Visionsbild av exteriören och terassen på Vista i Hyllie.


We’re building Vista in Hyllie! The office with fantastic views of Öresund and the first landmark you see arriving from Copenhagen.
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Micha Nadel

Rental manager
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Hyllie and Vista – close to everything!

Hyllie has a rich mix of homes, offices, services and retail creating a vibrant neighbourhood all week long, from morning to night. Emporia’s rich offering of stores is complemented by services and retail along the main thoroughfare of Hyllie. Malmömässan, Malmö Arena and the two hotel and conference facilities attract a far reaching audience, which creates a dynamic atmosphere in the neighbourhood.

Vista has a prime location in Hyllie, regardless of whether you commute by bicycle, car, public transportation or foot. Vista will be the first landmark you see arriving from Copenhagen. Offices begin on the fifth floor, which means fantastic views of the water and Öresund Bridge! Vista also has its own dedicated multistorey car park.

  • Hyllie Station – 2 min
  • Malmö Station – 6 min
  • Triangeln – 3 min
  • Kastrup Airport – 12 min
  • Copenhagen – 30 min

Vacancies in Vista

En byggnad med höga ambitioner inflytt 2025
En byggnad med höga ambitioner inflytt 2025

Skrivaregatan 19


En byggnad med höga ambitioner inflytt 2025

  • Bike lounge

    Easily accessible bike lounge on the entrance level, with shower and changing room.

  • Café

    Vista will have a café on the ground floor.

  • Several terraces

    Most floors will have a terrace, either private or shared.

  • Triple certified

    Vista aims for a triple certification in line with Miljöbyggnad Guld, WELL and Zero CO2.

  • Parking

    Multistory car park with 426 parking spaces and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Take a look around Vista!

I Vista i Hyllie är det fokus på välmående, materialval och hållbarhet.
Visualisering av restaurangen i Vista med fransk bistro-känsla.
Visualisering av Vista, med uteservering i markplan.

Vista is a building with high sustainability and environmental ambitions. We want to reflect this in the building’s interior. We don’t want it to merely meet environmental goals – we also want users to notice the sincerity and warmth of the natural and recycled material chosen for the building. That’s why our interior concept focuses on renewable, energy-efficient, recycled and reusable material. We use durable materials that age well.

A place both for work and for relaxation

Healthy work environments mean thriving employees who feel good. This is good for employees and employers alike, leading to less sick leave and increased productivity.

Good ventilation, access to daylight, moderate temperatures and minimal noise are important for creating a healthy environment. This is why Vista has zoned ventilation that constantly adjusts the air flow according to how many people are in a room. If the room changes in size, so does its air flow capacity. Air, light, comfort and sound are important parameters in the WELL Building Standard v2®, the international standard under which Vista will be certified. 

Several floors will have a terrace, either private or shared. These include outdoor work spaces with electricity as well as an open portion with shade, plenty of greenery and an outdoor gym. Those who would rather use the terraces to relax for a quick break are welcome to use the break rooms in this calm, cosy space.

Vista – a triple-certified building

  • Miljöbyggnad Guld

    This certification ensures a high level of quality in energy consumption, choice of materials and indoor climate.

  • The WELL Building Standard v2®

    A certification that ensures well-being is a strong factor in the building’s design.

  • Zero CO2

    A Zero CO2 certification minimises the climate footprint in the construction process as well as daily management.

Miljöbyggnad Guld – säkrar hög nivå kring energi-förbrukning, materialval och inomhusklimat.
Hälsofrämjande arbetsplatser gör att medarbetare trivs och mår bra.
NollCO2 – minimerar klimatavtrycket i såväl bygg- processen som i den löpande förvaltningen.

Project facts: Vista

  • Property

    Bläckhornet 1

  • Floor space

    16,796 sqm

  • Environmental classification

    WELL, Miljöbyggnad Guld, Zero CO2

  • Construction start

    Jan/Feb 2023

  • Occupancy

    Q2/Q3 2025

  • Architect


Let us tell you more about the opportunities at Vista!

Contact one of us and we will help you with your ideas.

Picture of Micha Nadel

Micha Nadel

Rental manager
+46 40-690 57 64
Contact me
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Camilla Asplund

Rental contact
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