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Wihlborgs nästa kontorshus i Dockan blir Naboland.


In central Dockan, close to the sea – we’re building Naboland. With offices in Naboland, you are close to many friendly neighbours, bathing jetties, restaurants and all the cafes.
Picture of Micha Nadel

Micha Nadel

Rental manager
+46 40-690 57 64
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  • Roof terrace

    Verdant roof terrace with outdoor workplaces.

  • Rental bikes

    Rental bikes are available for tenants of Naboland.

  • Parking

    80 parking places in the building.

  • Close to Malmö City Centre

    Central Malmö is just round the corner.

  • 900 m to Malmö C

    Close to the Central Station and all communication.

  • Close to parks and beaches

    Proximity to green areas and water makes Dockan unique.

  • Lunch restaurants

    Dockan has a rich offering of lunch restaurants.

  • Networking

    Dockan is the perfect location for networking.

  • Occupancy

    Autumn 2023.

Naboland - in the middle of the Dockan area

Close to public Transport on Malmö C

Opportunity for loan bicycles

Parking in the house

Good selection of lunch restaurants

Sustainable of course! Naboland will be a considerately designed office building that will meet the utmost sustainability requirements in terms of everything from the choice of materials to energy optimisation with certifications such as SGBC Miljöbyggnad Guld, Zero CO2 and WELL.

Change of environment feeds the soul!

Fresh air and green environments are healthier and make you more productive. Dockan has a lot to offer in this regard. Regardless of if you want to go for a run at lunchtime, have a nice outdoor lunch, take a dip in the sea or simply enjoy the sea views. There’s something here for everyone.

Taking your bike to and from work should be easy. Therefore, the entrance level has a stylish and convenient bike lounge with its own entrance, changing rooms, showers and secure storage. Perfect for active riders.

  • Close to parks and the sea.
  • Numerous local lunch restaurants.
  • Own bike lounge.
  • Changing rooms and showers at entrance level.