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Science Village

Welcome to an innovative place where history meets the future! A new city district is taking shape near ESS and MAX IV in northeast Lund: Science Village, a new area focused on materials research and education.
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Maria Ivarsson

Regional Director Lund
+46 46-590 62 19

Science Village – A totally new city district in Lund

Science Village is in northeastern Lund, right at the end of the “Science Road.” A new area is growing is growing here, 18 hectares of innovation and materials research influenced by nearby ESS and MAX IV that will be an excellent complement to Ideon Science Park.

The “Science Road” in Lund has a unique concentration of science, research and innovative companies gathered along a wide street stretching from central Lund, through Ideon and Brunnshög out to ESS and Science Village. The municipality’s goal is for it to become a sustainable city environment renewed by buildings, parks, streets, bicycle paths and tramways. We want to create a lively, stimulating and sustainable environment to live and work in.

Wihlborgs is present along the entire road, with properties in central Lund, Ideon, Brunnshög and at the end station Rydbergs Torg in Science Village. For us, being part of Lund’s development is self-evident. We have two planning permits in the new Science Village, Space I and Space II, with opportunities for offices as well as research facilities.

A natural meeting place


The tram journey from the city along the “Science Road” only takes 15 minutes. The station is right next to Rydbergs Torg and the northern park. The area has been planned to be accessible by bicycle and public transportation.

Traffic flow

The flow of people from the tram to the Science Center passes through the square and the park. Visitors to the region will be invited to research new innovations and scientific phenomena.

Meeting place

Rydbergs torg is the area’s natural meeting place for co-workers, visiting researchers and the public. People can have lunch, hold outdoor meetings, meet industry colleagues or simply relax.

Green spaces

Here you’ll find plenty of green spaces, charming al fresco dining, outdoor workspaces with rooftop solar panels and spaces for fun and relaxation. In the Vindarnas Park botanical gardens you can admire 30,000 plants from every corner of the world.

As a leading property company in the Öresund region and a strong presence in Lund, we have a keen interest in the development going on in the city and in Science Village. We’ve been part of the project from the beginning, when we built the MAX IV synchrotron-light facility with Peab. It’s important for us to take part in the continued development. I look forward to the work on our projects that we’re beginning in Science Village, starting with Space, focused on sustainability, innovation and the continued development of the city.

Maria Ivarsson, Regional Director of Wihlborgs in Lund
Maria Ivarsson, Regional Director of Wihlborgs in Lund

Science Village Project Facts

  • Area

    Science Village

  • Total arear

    18 hectares

  • Prel. GFA, premises (total)

    250,000 m²

  • No. of planning permits (Wihlborgs)


  • Figures source

    Science Village Scandinavia AB

Space – one of our planned office buildings in Science Village

We’re building Space the middle of Science Village, right next to the tram station and only 15 minutes from Lund Central Station. A spectacular, iconic building with Scandinavian design in wood and glass.

More about Space

Contact us!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re curious about what we can do for you at Science Village.

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Helena Pålsson

Project Manager
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Picture of Maria Ivarsson

Maria Ivarsson

Regional Director Lund
+46 46-590 62 19
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