Posthornet 1, Lund

In the Posthornet block we are now planning for a second project adding more central, modern office premises in the city centre of Lund. 

Over the last few years here, we have made room for more job satisfaction, both with the Posthornet office building that was completed at the end of 2018 and with Sockerbiten, which was completed at the end of 2019.

Varying designs with inspiring facades

In our second project at the Posthornet 1 property we can create another office property in the Sockerbruket area. In terms of appearance, we plan to give the property a variety of designs and an eye-catching facade with different appearances and a height that ranges between three and seven storeys. The tallest building will be the one facing the rail tracks in the north-eastern corner, and the lowest will be the one facing Sockertorget. The corner facing Sockertorget and the south-western corner, which face the existing Posthornet office building, will have a vibrant ground floor with premises for retail or restaurants. The entrances along the entire facade facing Sockerkokaregatan, as well as Fabriksgatan and Bruksgatan, will create a sense of nearness to the passers-by outside. 

More activity in central Lund

The new block is in direct contact with the station and the city centre via the new cycle and pedestrian bridge over the railway line. The offices have excellent signage location and the area is accessible, safe and attractive to be in and pass through. The design of the block is linked to the surroundings, where we have created semi-private and public areas as well as a natural flow that gives life to the area.

Posthornet etapp 2 Exteriör - Sockertorget

Project facts

Property: Posthornet 1
Location: Lund
Floor space: 9,750 m²
Environmental classification: Gold environmental certification

Construction start: prel Q2/Q3 - 2021
Occupancy: prel Q2/Q3 - 2023

Architect: Kamikaze Arkitekter AB
Contractor: Not awarded

Picture of Rickard Berlin
Rickard Berlin
Project Manager
Picture of Louise Ahnelöv
Louise Ahnelöv
Property Director