Lund – the thousand-year-old city of learning. However, despite its venerable age, the city is perhaps more vibrant than ever. Lund has an almost unbeatable climate for entrepreneurship and innovation, which has helped Lund position itself as a leading centre for innovative research and industry – in an international arena.

Investments in the future have never been more ambitious and have never been larger. The municipality, university and private players are all involved in a range of significant projects that will carry Lund and the entire region for a long time moving forward.

Wihlborgs currently owns 27 properties in Lund, all of which are located in strategically selected sub-markets with distinct Lund profiles – Ideon Science Park, Gastelyckan, Centrum and Väster. The total value is SEK 4.5 billion and the total lettable area amounts to 206,000 square metres. The annualised rental value is SEK 400 million and we have contracted income of SEK 350 million.