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Träbyggnad med en glasfasad runt om, Innovationshuset Space i Lund.

Space - an iconic building

Between the research facilities Max IV and ESS at Brunnshög in northeastern Lund, the district of Science Village Scandinavia is emerging. Right at the tram stop, at the area's lush squares and meeting place, we are building the area's iconic building Space.
Picture of Maria Ivarsson

Maria Ivarsson

Regional Director Lund
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Innovation house with offices and lab operations

Only 15 minutes from Lund C, right by the tram stop, we build Science Village's spectacular iconic building with Scandinavian design in wood and glass. With its location at the lively and green Rydbergs square, the Space area will be the natural center and meeting place of the area. 

Space offers an exciting mix of offices and lab activities and the building will be filled by some of the world's foremost researchers. On the ground floor there will be a restaurant with outdoor seating and right on the square outside there will be outdoor workplaces with solar roofs. Space also lives up to the absolute highest requirements for both the environment and the well-being of employees.

Vacant premises in Space

Space - kontorslokaler i världsklass
Space - kontorslokaler i världsklass

Partikelgatan 7


Space - kontorslokaler i världsklass

Restaurants and cafés with outdoor areas where the employees, visiting scientists and visitors can meet. Open-plan areas facilitate smooth operations on the ground floor. Space will become a natural expansion of the square and life outside will intermix seamlessly with life inside.

Together with the square, Space will become the area’s primary meeting place. The entrances from the tramway and the multistorey car park provide a warm welcome for employees, visitors and the general public. On their way through Science Village, those wanting to visit the restaurant or who are curious about what is happening in the building will visit Space.

A shift to a more plant-based diet is crucial for creating a food system within the planet’s limitations, and oats have a major unrealised potential and could become an important part of the solution. Now that we are investing heavily in more research on this crop, Lund and Science Village is a natural location for us. We hope to attract even more expertise to the area.

Sofia Ehlde, Global Innovation Director of Oatly.
Sofia Ehlde, Global Innovation Director of Oatly.

Project facts: Space

  • Property

    Kunskapen 1, Science Village Scandinavia

  • Gross Floor Area (GFA)

    Appr. 6,300 m²

  • Environmental classification

    Sweden Green Building Council Gold, Sweden Green Building Council Net Zero Building and WELL

  • Construction start


  • Occupancy

    Fall 2023

  • Architect

    FOJAB and Frøslee AB

Science Village is a natural complement to Ideon Science Park. We have considerable demand from companies who want to move in and leverage the innovation and talent in the area. As such, it is natural to examine the surrounding area, like Science Village, where we have land and development rights and where there is great focus on innovation.

Maria Ivarsson, Regional Director of Wihlborgs in Lund
Maria Ivarsson, Regional Director of Wihlborgs in Lund
An illustration of Science Village with the Space building in the forefront.

Science Village – Lund’s new innovative city district

Science Village is located between the MAX IV and ESS research facilities and is linked via the so-called Route of Knowledge to other knowledge-intensive operations like Lund University, Skåne University Hospital, Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering (LTH) and Ideon Science Park.

Kunskapsstråket, or the Route of Knowledge, is the physical link between the recently established tramway from Lund C through Ideon Science Park and on to Science Village. Facilities are being planned for research-intense innovation companies from across the world, and a major establishment of Lund University.

Spektra - WIhlborgs other planned buildning in Science Village.

The active office – Spektra

We are also planning our other project in the area in Science Village – Spektra. With its location close to MAX IV and ESS, there is a natural focus on innovation, research and development. Spektra will be an active building for meetings, with an indoor environment that merges with the outdoors through attractive greenery between the buildings. A shared roof terrace and several balconies are conducive to working outdoors and getting fresh air during the working day.

Discover Spektra here

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Projects in Lund

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