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Raffinaderiet 3, Lund

At Raffinaderiet 3, adjacent to Lund Central Station, we are planning for the redevelopment and new construction of 5,800 m², where we will create modern workplaces in an industrial atmosphere that respects the property’s history.
Picture of Louise Ahnelöv

Louise Ahnelöv

Property Director
+46 46-590 62 91

Raffinaderiet 3 is located between Posthornet 1 and Raffinaderiet 5, on the west side of Lund Central Station. It currently comprises an older property of 4,900 m² that houses a mix of businesses. Starting in the beginning of 2021, we will commence a total upgrade of the property and add a new building of 900 m² connected to the existing property. In total, we are creating 5,800 m² of modern, environmentally certified office space.


Raffinaderiet 3 has a long history and comprises several different buildings that were put up between 1888 and 1907 for the sugar refinery. The property housed everything from the refinining process to the steam boiler, forge, cooper’s shop and housing for the refinery’s top management. Since the closure of the sugar factory in 1913, the property has played host to regiments, the textile industry, metal turning, bookbinding, workshops, educational activities and office premises.


Parts of the property are listed as of historic interest and we attach great importance to preserving, recreating and reflecting the historic values in the architecture and choice of materials.

The facade will be designed with recovered bricks, period-correct glazing and material choices such as patinated brass  and steel. The material choices for the interiors will also tie into the property’s industrial heritage.

Unique character

The property’s layout means the premises are well-suited to small and medium-sized companies seeking modern offices with a unique character and a historical birthright. The location adjacent to Lund Central Station also creates the prerequisites for convenient and sustainable travel for employees and visitors.

Project facts

  • Property

    Raffinaderiet 3

  • Location


  • Floor space

    5,800 m²

  • Environmental classification

    SGBC, level yet to be decided

  • Construction start

    prel. Q1 2021

  • Occupancy

    prel. Q2 2022

  • Architect

    Kamikaze Arkitekter

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you like to know more about this project.

Picture of Louise Ahnelöv

Louise Ahnelöv

Property Director
+46 46-590 62 91
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Helena Pålsson

Project Manager
+46 40-690 57 27
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