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Red brick-building with large windows, Raffinaderiet in Lund.

Raffinaderiet 3, Lund

The one hundred year wait is soon over. On the west side of Lund Central Station, we are now redeveloping our historic Raffinaderiet property. The perfect mix of state-of-the-art workplaces combined with respect for the building’s historic industrial charm in central Lund.
Picture of Louise Ahnelöv

Louise Ahnelöv

Property Director
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Vi lägger stor vikt vid att bevara, återskapa och återspegla de historiska värdena i både arkitektur och materialval.
Det var Raffinaderiets kombination av historia och framtid som tilltalade oss på Genetor.
I Raffinderiet erbjuder vi den perfekta mixen mellan historisk industrikaraktär och flexibla och moderna kontorslokaler.

It was the combination of Raffinaderiet’s history and future that spoke to us, and we particularly fell for the property’s character. We love the history that the property possesses, the reuse of material and the fact that the architect has really studied what is suitable for the property. It comes with the old but is nonetheless a modern product.

Marie Willstrand, Business Developer at Genetor Coworking
Marie Willstrand, Business Developer at Genetor Coworking
Det charmiga och vackra sockerraffinaderiet på bästa läge i Lund.
Raffinaderiet tidstypiska fönster och materialval som patinerad mässing och stål.

The work to reflect the building’s industrial charm without compromising the requirements and solutions that a modern workplace needs means that this project will be entirely unique in the property market.

Helena Pålsson, Project Manager for Raffinaderiet
Helena Pålsson, Project Manager for Raffinaderiet
Moderna kontor med en unik karaktär och ett historiskt arv i centrala Lund.
Nu bygger vi toppmoderna kontorslokaler med respekt för historien.

When we were searching for a new office in Lund, we knew that we wanted to find something central and close to the train station so that our employees would not think it was too far away. West of Lund C is an up-and-coming area and we really like this part of the city. It’s also a great feeling to work in the centre of this lovely town, and there are many lunch options nearby.

Oskar Handmark, founder of Backtick Technologies
Oskar Handmark, founder of Backtick Technologies

Close to Lund Central Station in Lund

Raffinaderiet is located close to the city centre and Lund Central Station.

250 metres to Lund Central Station

Close to the city centre

Easy access to lunch restaurants in the city centre

Project facts: Raffinaderiet

  • Property

    Raffinaderiet 3

  • Floor space

    5,800 m²

  • Environmental classification

    SGBC, level yet to be decided

  • Construction start

    February 2021

  • Occupancy

    December 2022

  • Architect

    Kamikaze Arkitekter

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