Ideontorget, Lund

A tramway is being built between central Lund and Brunnshög. Ideon, which is right in the middle, will have its own stop – Ideontorget. Ideontorget will be a new central point for communications and an attractive meeting place for all of Ideon. Wihlborgs is planning to build thousands of attractive new cutting-edge workplaces right by the tram stop.

The workplace environment of the future in Lund

Right next to the new Ideontorget tram stop, Wihlborgs is planning new innovation environments and workplaces. It will be possible to create large, functional spaces but also small and exciting premises with attractive views. At the same time, we can build attractive new cutting-edge workplaces right by Ideontorget. 

Ideontorget station – a development of the entire Ideon area

The tramway will lead to redevelopment within the entire Ideon area and provide new opportunities for those who already have workplaces here today. Ideon will be developed into an even larger innovation mecca, creating opportunities for new companies to establish themselves here. The new centre will generate new stores, restaurants and services at Ideon. In combination with new community services, Ideon will become an even larger innovation cluster than it is today. Ideon will be home to opportunities for the future. 

Sustainable buildings with the highest level of environmental certification

Like all of our development projects, we build sustainable buildings with the highest level of environmental certification. Ideontorget is no exception. Our long-term goal is to create energy-efficient and ecologically sustainable buildings. The new tramway and Ideontorget will entail developing the entire area of Ideon, which will also enrich the existing properties and create more activity and life day-round.


Project facts

Project name: Ideontorget

Building space: Approximately 30,000 m²

Construction start: Not decided

Completion: Not decided

Environmental certification: Environmental classification, highest level of certification

Picture of Maria Öijer
Maria Öijer
Business Developer
Picture of Maria Ivarsson
Maria Ivarsson
Regional Director Lund