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Kranen 2

The second stage of development has begun at Kranen 2, where we are redeveloping 3,700 m² for Region Skåne, which will run the Reproductive Medicine Center (RMC) and the speech therapy reception in the premises. In the first stage we redeveloped 10,700 m² for Malmö University, who will be running police training in the premises.

The Dockan area, with a marina and a fantastic view of the harbour entrance and Öresund, makes Dockan one of Malmö’s most sought-after areas for offices and housing. The mix of businesses, housing and enterprises makes Dockan a vibrant city district in the new Malmö and the renovations of Kranen 2 will bring even more activity to the area.

Stage 2 – 3,700 sqm of premises for Region Skåne

A portion of the Kranen 2 property on Östra Varvsgatan was redeveloped in 2018 for Malmö University, which runs police training at the premises. Now 3,700 sqm will be redeveloped in another part of the property for Region Skåne. The premises will be used for the RMC and a speech therapy reception. The RMC offers, for example, walk-in clinics for assisted reproductive technology and in vitro fertilisation (IVF) that are operational six days a week as well as evenings. The speech therapy reception conducts speech and hearing care. Both operations will move from the grounds of Malmö hospital to the premises in Dockan.

Project facts – Stage 2

  • Property

    Kranen 2

  • Floor space

    4,351 m²

  • Construction start

    Q3 2020

  • Occupancy

    Q3 2021

  • Architect

    Nyqvist & Morän Arkitekter AB

  • Construction contractor

    Thage i Skåne AB

  • Ventilation contractor

    Klimatreglering AB

  • Electrical contractor

    El fast AB

Stage 1 – Premises for police training in Malmö

In 2018, police training run by Malmö University moved in to 10,700 sqm in our Kranen 2 property on Östra Varvsgatan. 9,000 sqm of the premises will be used for practical stages of the training, such as shooting ranges, training areas and police vehicles while the remaining 1,700 sqm will be used for lecture halls. It is positive for development across the entire region that Malmö University and police training are now established in Dockan, making a very tangible contribution to societal development and the Dockan cityscape.

Project facts – Stage 1

  • Property

    Kranen 2

  • Floor space

    10,700 m²

  • Occupancy

    Q3 2019

  • Tenants

    Malmö University

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