Kranen 2, Malmö

At Kranen 2, Wihlborgs has redeveloped 9,000 m² for Malmö University, which has been tasked with running police training in Malmö. The premises will be used for the practical stages of the training.

Premises for police training in Malmö

In July 2018, Wihlsborgs started redeveloping a portion of the Kranen 2 property on Östra Varvsgatan for Malmö University, which has been tasked with running police training in Malmö. Dockan was chosen as the location for the practical stages of the training. This entails 9,000 m² that are currently under construction but will be ready for occupancy on 1 July 2019. The premises, where Malmö University has already conducted some of their activities, will house research facilities, firearms ranges and various training environments as well as a garage for police vehicles. 

Contributing to societal development and the cityscape in Dockan

The Dockan area, with a marina and a fantastic view of the harbour entrance and Öresund, makes Dockan one of Malmö’s most sought-after areas for offices and housing. The mix of businesses, housing and enterprises makes Dockan a vibrant city district in the new Malmö and the renovations of Kranen 2 will bring even more activity to the area. It is positive for development across the entire region that Malmö University will now offer a new training programme that also makes a very tangible contribution to societal development and the Dockan cityscape.

Read our press release about leasing to Malmö University and police training.

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Project facts

Property: Kranen 2
Floor space: 9,000 m²

Construction start: Q3 2017
Occupancy: Q3, 2019

Architect: Nyqvist & Morän Arkitekter AB
Construction contractor: Thage i Skåne AB
Ventilation contractor: Klimat-Reglering AB
Plumbing contractor: AB Arildssons Rör
Electrical contractor: El Fastighetsservice Syd AB

Picture of Cacke Larsson
Cacke Larsson
Project Manager
Picture of Peter Olsson
Peter Olsson
Property Management Executive