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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is subject to both written rules and established practice. The regulatory framework comprises primarily the Swedish Companies Act and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code as well as a regulatory framework of listing requirements and a listing agreement for the market where the company’s shares are traded.

Wihlborgs styrelsemöte
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Wihlborgs styrelsemöte

Wihlborgs Corporate Governance

Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB is a Swedish public limited company with its registered address in Malmö, Sweden. Wihlborgs applies the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the Code).

For us at Wihlborgs, transparency is important in our information to shareholders and the capital market. This enables us to increase understanding of our processes and decisions. Our corporate governance comprises well-functioning policies that enable fast and efficient leadership of operations. A favourable division of roles and responsibilities between owners, the Board and the management creates the prerequisites for reaching the pre-defined operational targets. If a company deviates from the rules contained in the Code, the company must both describe and explain the deviation in line with the comply or explain principle.

Group Management

Wihlborgs' group management currently consists of eight people.

See group management here

Board of Directors

The Board of Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB consists of seven Directors.

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Nomination Committee

Shareholders who wish to contact the committee should do this by email to, valberedningen@wihlborgs.se or by post to Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB, Valberedningen, Box 97, SE-201 20 Malmö, Sweden.

Principles for appointing members of the Nomiation Committee (pdf)


The auditor must examine the Company's annual report and bookkeeping, as well as the as the administration by the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

At the end of each financial year, the auditor must submit an auditor's report to the Annual General Meeting.  The auditor presents to the Board both an audit plan for the year and opinions on the closing accounts. Auditors are appointed by the Annual General Meeting based on a proposal from the Nomination Committee.


Richard Peters from the auditing and consulting firm Deloitte AB is the principal auditor for Wihlborgs. He was elected at the 2021 Annual General Meeting as the principal auditor until the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

Audit Committee

With the exception of the Chairman of the Board, the full Board comprises the audit committee.

Financial targets

Target Outcome 2022-12-31
A return on equity that exceeds the risk-free interest rate by not less than six percentage         points, which for the beginning of 2022 corresponds to 6.12 percent 10.1
An equity/assets ratio of no less than 30 percent  41.2
An interest coverage ratio of no less than 2.05.6 5.6
The loan-to-value ratio is not to exceed 60 percent 48.6

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