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Group Management

Ulrika Hallengren, vd på Wihlborgs

Ulrika Hallengren

Chief Executive Officer

Date of birth: 1970. 

Employed at Wihlborgs since 2010. 

Education: BSc in Construction Sciences from Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering.

Shareholding in Wihlborgs: 249,203 held privately and through company.

Arvid Liepe, Ekonomi- och finanschef på Wihlborgs

Arvid Liepe

Chief Financial Officer

Date of birth: 1967. 

Employed at Wihlborgs since 2013.

Education: MSc in Business and Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Shareholding in Wihlborgs: 230,650 held privately and through company.

Andreas Ivarsson, Projekt- och utvecklingschef på Wihlborgs

Andreas Ivarsson

Director of Projects and Development

Date of birth: 1977. 

Employed at Wihlborgs since 2017.

Education: Property development, organisation, leadership, marketing at the University of Kalmar, KTH. Royal Institute of Technology, Malmö University.

Shareholding in Wihlborgs: 13,106 through company.

Magnus Lambertsson, Regionchef på Wihlborgs i Helsingborg

Magnus Lambertsson

Regional Director, Helsingborg

Date of birth: 1977. 

Employed at Wihlborgs since 2020.

Education: Bachelor of Science with a Major in Real Estate Science - Specialization in Real Estate Management, Malmö University.

Shareholding in Wihlborgs: 14,376 held privately and through company.

Maria Ivarsson, Regionchef på Wihlborgs i Lund

Maria Ivarsson

Regional Director, Lund

Date of birth:1972. 

Employed at Wihlborgs since 2018.

Education: MBA Executive Master of Management and Leadership, MGruppen.

Shareholding in Wihlborgs: 13,106 through company.

Peter Olsson, Regionchef på Wihlborgs i Malmö

Peter Olsson

Regional Director, Malmö

Date of birth: 1979. 

Employed at Wihlborgs since 2017. 

Education: Master of Science in Engineering at Lund University.

Shareholding in Wihlborgs: 13,106 through company.

Tove Gleisner, HR manager

Tove Gleisner

HR manager

Date of birth:1984.

Employed at Wihlborgs since 2020.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Mangement, Uppsala University.