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Helsingborg Central Station

Every day, up to 40,000 people pass through here towards their final destinations, near and far. Regardless of whether you’re headed to Berga, Copenhagen or Gothenburg, your journey begins here. Or why not make Helsingborg Central Station the destination for your trip?

We’ve finally opened the doors to Helsingborg’s new meeting place – Helsingborg Central Station!

We’ve created an entirely new travel centre focused on security, modern design elements, good food and a welcoming atmosphere at the central station. The travel centre has been and will continue to be Helsingborg’s foremost meeting place, during the day as well as the evening. Comprehensive renovations have created a safe and comfortable environment for meeting others. The facade facing Kungstorget has been entirely redone in glass, with a large entrance that welcomes passengers and visitors alike. The departure hall has light, open spaces with elements in warm, modern materials. An environment you can enjoy while waiting for the train, bus or ferry.

Helsingborg Central Station is both a way station and a destination with something for everyone, regardless of whether you’re in transit or meeting someone. Grab a quick bite to eat or take the time to sit down and enjoy your meal at Kitchen Floor, a food destination with a wide offering from every corner of the world, which has a planned completion for 2021.

Kitchen Floor – food from every corner of the world. Behind the new glass facade, Helsingborg’s new food destination is taking shape: Kitchen Floor. Five different restaurateurs will establish themselves here, in Helsingborg’s new living room. A meeting place for all tastes and all times of the day.

We’re happy to talk more about our projects!

Are you looking for new, attractive premises with easy access to the city? We can help you and your company find a solution, just like Genetor. Or maybe you’d like to know more about the Helsingborg Central Station project and how you can be part of the new Kitchen Floor? Get in touch! We’re happy to talk more about the opportunities at Helsingborg Central Station.

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