Wihlborgs Annual Report 2014


Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB’s Annual Report is now available on our website, wihlborgs.se.

Please contact us if you would like a printed copy.

Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB (publ)




Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB (publ) is a property company that focuses on commercial properties in the Öresund region. Its property portfolio is located in Malmö, Helsingborg, Lund and Copenhagen.
In Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg, Wihlborgs is the leading property company.

The book value for the Company’s properties totals SEK 24.3 billion. The annual rental value of the properties is SEK 2 billion.

Wihlborgs shares are quoted on the Mid Cap List of the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange.