Wihlborgs supports initiative for board diversity

Today the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden will launch the “100 List” — an initiative to increase the proportion of women on company boards in southern Sweden. Wihlborgs welcomes the List and is supporting the initiative by hosting the launch event.

Ulrika Dieroff, Head of Business Support at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden, has worked on developing the 100 List since the spring:

“I was so tired of hearing that there was a shortage of women with sufficient expertise, suitable for board work or similar roles. We know there are many competent women but nomination committees and companies evidently need help in finding these candidates and this is exactly what the 100 List aims to achieve.”

The List has been gradually expanded and now contains more than 100 competent, experienced candidates who are ready to take seats on company boards, on advisory boards or for similar assignments. These include women with specialist expertise in sustainability, digitalisation, finance and sales. 

“It has not been a problem to fill the List. Many candidates have contacted us themselves and expressed an interest in joining the List, some were nominated by colleagues and we have, of course, asked our member companies for suitable candidates,” says Ulrika Dieroff.

For Anna Nambord, Director of HR and CSR of Wihlborgs, it is only natural that Wihlborgs supports the initiative.

“We work in many different ways to contribute toward the development of our region. The existence of a well-functioning business community is positive for both the region and us. We want to help with know-how, inspiration and networks that encompass everything from societal commitment to digitalisation. And diversity is important, not only in terms of gender, but also other factors such as age and background,” says Anna Nambord.

“We believe the 100 List can help to highlight an urgent issue. This is a tangible initiative that calls for action and this is why we have agreed to be a partner for the 100 List’s launch event, where we are providing the premises, a moderator and documentation of the event,” says Anna Nambord.  

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