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Wihlborgs as an investment

The children are our future. It is with consideration for future generations that Wihlborgs takes sustainability very seriously.

In every part of our operations, we work to minimise negative impact and contribute to positive development. Nobody says that sustainability is easy, but we want to be able to say that we are doing all that we can, now and for the future.

A profitable company

Wihlborgs has had strong and stable profitability growth for many years. This is due to factors such as a high level of cost-efficiency and continuous focus on increasing the operating surplus and income from property management. Cash flow has also seen stable increases over time.

Strong financial position

We have a strong operating profit relative to borrowings. Interest-rate sensitivity is low as a result of a combination of floating interest rates and interest-rate derivatives. Value increases – Wihlborgs has posted strong and stable increases in its property values over an extended period. The value of the property portfolio is mainly attributable to its modern, flexible properties in prime locations and which are continuously improved through acquisitions and sales.

Wihlborgs also has an attractive portfolio of projects that are in progress or planned.

Long-term approach and focus on sustainability

Our strategy entails a focus on long-term, sustainable growth. We adopt a long-term perspective as we invest and develop our operations, which enables us to invest sustainably and take the financials, people and the environment into account in all of our decisions.

Concentrated property portfolio

Wihlborgs is the market leader in Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg. In Copenhagen we are also one of the largest commercial property owners. The properties are located in selected, stable sub-markets that provide growth and development potential. We have an attractive mix of tenants and a high occupancy rate over time.

An attractive region

We operate in a region with strong population growth and increasing employment. Investments in research, education and infrastructure benefit the development of enterprise in the region.

Commitment to the development of the region

We know the market well thanks to our geographical focus and our head office located in the region. We manage properties using our own company employees, who with a high level of service and strong customer focus create long-term relationships with the tenants. Our involvement in everything from urban development to infrastructure, skills supply and inclusiveness helps us contribute to the ongoing development of the Öresund region.