Wihlborgs' strongest quarter thus far

  • Rental income increased by 3 percent to SEK 1,435 million (1,388)
  • Operating surplus increased by 4 percent to SEK 1,065 million (1,025)
  • Income from property management increased by 11 percent to SEK 711 million (639)
  • Result for the period amounts to SEK 1,343 million (190), corresponding to earnings per share of SEK 17.47 (2.47)
  • For the full year 2015 income from property management, including payments for early lease termination, is anticipated to exceed SEK 960 million (888).

Wihlborgs CEO, Anders Jarl, comments:

“We can confirm that we have had another record-breaking quarter with the highest figures ever in Wihlborgs’ history in terms of the rental income, operating surplus, surplus ratio and income from property management.”

“The Malmö market is booming and despite high production volumes, vacancies are not increasing. Wihlborgs’ net leasing amounted to SEK 2 million for the quarter.”

”Wihlborgs is well equipped and has the financial strength to capture future opportunities in the growing Öresund region", Anders Jarl concludes.

Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB (publ)

Presentation of the report
CEO Anders Jarl and CFO Arvid Liepe presents the report today at 09.00 CET. You can follow the presentation via telephone: +46 8 5664 2664 or +44 20 3428 1434.


Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB (publ) is a property company that focuses on commercial properties in the Öresund region. Its property portfolio is located in Malmö, Helsingborg, Lund and Copenhagen, where Wihlborgs is the leading property company.
The book value for the Company’s properties totals SEK 26.7 billion with an annual rental value of SEK 2.2 billion.
Wihlborgs’ shares are listed on the Mid Cap List of the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange.