Wihlborgs Year-end report 2008

  • Rental income increased by 13 per cent to SEK 1,168 million (1,035)
  • Net operating income increased by 15 per cent to SEK 832 million (723)
  • Profit from ongoing property management before tax increased to SEK 450 million (444)
  • Changes in value of properties and derivatives amounted to SEK -637 million (1,058)
  • The result of the year was SEK -49 million (1,114) and earnings per share were SEK -1.32 (29.08)
  • New lease agreements amounts to SEK 138 million (111), of which SEK 43 million (14) were signed during the fourth quarter
  • The Board proposes a dividend of SEK 6.50 (6.25) per share

– Our business continues to develop positively, says Anders Jarl, CEO of Wihlborgs Fastigheter. The rental income increased by 13 per cent and the profit from property management also increased. Thus despite the substantial interest rate increase during 2008.

− The rental market is still strong and new lease agreements totaled SEK 138 million of which SEK 43 million were signed during the fourth quarter, Anders Jarl continues.

− At the Annual General Meeting April 23 the Board of Directors will propose a dividend of SEK 6.50, Anders Jarl concludes.


CEO Anders Jarl will present the year-end report in Swedish today at 10.00 CET. The presentation will take place at Operaterrassen in Stockholm. At 11.15 CET the year-end report will be presented in English. You can follow the presentation via telephone UK +44 20 8817 9301, SWE +46 8 5052 0270. The presentation will also be webcasted. For more information www.wihlborgs.se or www.financialhearings.com.

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