Wihlborgs Interim report January – June 2007

  • Profit for the period amounted to SEK 283 million(264), which is the equivalent of a result per  share of SEK 7.36 (6.87)
  • Rental income for the period was SEK 510 million(414)
  • Pre-tax profit amounted to SEK 368 million (359), of which SEK 142 million (155) pertains to value changes and derivatives
  • Profit from ongoing property management was SEK 163 million (147)
  • Equity/assets ratio amounted to 32.5 per cent(32.7)

The economic growth and the level of employment are on the increase in the Öresund region, which has resulted in an increase in demand for office premises.

– During the year Wihlborgs’ profit continues positively with strong rental growth. The rental income has increased with 23 per cent compared with the same period 2006. The rental income for comparable stock in Malmö and Helsingborg increases with SEK 43m or 5.8 per cent, says Anders Jarl CEO of Wihlborgs Fastigheter.

― The profit for the ongoing property management has increased with 11 per cent compared with the same period 2006, continues  Anders Jarl.

― The closing of our latest project at Dockan resulted in an increase in value of SEK 80m. We are also pleased with Daimler Chryslers decision to establish their office at Dockan, which has made it possible for us to start our next new building, Anders Jarl concludes.

Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB (publ)

Encl.: Interim report Q2

CEO, Anders Jarl, will present the interim report today 12.00 hrs and 13.00 hrs at Operaterrassen in Stockholm. The presentation will first be made in Swedish at 12 and than in English at 13. You can participate in the conference by phoning +46 8 50520114. The presentation will also be webcasted, www.wihlborgs.se or www.financialhearings.com.