Wihlborgs Interim report January-March 2006

  •  Profit for the period amounted to SEK 81 million (SEK 61m), which is the equivalent of a result per share of SEK 4,22 (SEK 3,26)
  • Rental income for the period was SEK 190 million(SEK 178m)
  • Profit for the ongoing prorpetymanagment was SEK 63 million (SEK 48m)
  • Pre-tax profi t amounted to SEK 104 million (SEK77m), of which SEK 3 million (SEK 2m) pertains to profi t property sales and SEK 14 million (SEK 9m) to value changes properties
  •  Equity/assets ratio increased to 35,1 (34,8)

“Wihlborgs’ growth during the first quarter was very good with higher income and unchanged costs compared with the previous year. This is despite a really cold winter with lots of snow,” says Anders Jarl, CEO of Wihlborgs Fastigheter

“Interest in investing in properties continues to be very high. With our financial resources we have the potential to compete when attractive business deals appear and our ambition is to increase our property portfolio during 2006,” continued Anders Jarl.

Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB (publ)