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Wihlborgs’ Space the first construction start in Science Village

On Wednesday, Wihlborgs, Oatly, Science Village and the City of Lund shared in the first turf-cutting for the modern innovation hub Space, at the centre of Science Village. Space, where the world-leading oat-drink manufacturer Oatly will establish a new research and innovation centre, is the first building to be constructed between the research facilities ESS and MAX IV. The turf-cutting is therefore an important milestone for Science Village which, following an extended planning period, has reached the start of the implementation phase.

The ceremony was attended by Philip Sandberg, Mayor of the City of Lund; Sofia Ehlde, Global Innovation Director of Oatly; Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs; and Christian Lindfors, CEO of Science Village Scandinavia AB.

“It is gratifying to be taking the next step in the development of Brunnshög with today’s first turf-cutting for Space. When the development is completed some 40,000 people will live and work in Brunnshög, equivalent to a new Trelleborg. Through Science Village, we can leverage the opportunities presented by the high-tech research facilities, Max IV and ESS. I am also pleased to welcome Oatly on its return to Lund in conjunction with the construction of Space,” says Philip Sandberg (L), Mayor of the City of Lund.

“Lund has a fantastic research environment with world-leading expertise together with major investments in unique research facilities. We see great potential in reaping the benefits of and contributing to this dynamic, and we want to recruit top international researchers and innovators to the city. The long-term goal is to have about 100 people active in our research and innovation centre in Science Village in Lund,” says Sofia Ehlde, Global Innovation Director of Oatly.

“We are finally underway with the first construction start in central Science Village! The establishment of Oatly in Space clearly demonstrates that food research is on the way to becoming a formidable area of strength, not only in Science Village and at the research facilities, but throughout Sweden. We are now hoping that initiatives supporting the trend toward becoming a world-leading food-science centre obtain long-term financing and support, thereby enabling us to attract even more talent and research to the surrounding area,” says Christian Lindfors, CEO of Science Village Scandinavia AB.

“It is particularly exciting that the turf-cutting for Space also represents the start of this special location between ESS and MAX IV, and that it is specifically Oatly with its innovative work and valuable expertise for the area that is set to become the first tenant. This area is particularly important for Wihlborgs since we have a significant and long-term commitment here stretching back to the construction and continued development of MAX IV,” says Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs.

About Space
Space, which will stand completed in autumn 2023 adjacent to Rydbergs Torg and the tram station will become an innovation hub with offices and labs. The 6,000 square metre building will become a natural focal point for companies, individuals and research disciplines that work to develop the sustainable solutions of the future. Space is being constructed from timber and in a Scandinavian style, and will be certified to Miljöbyggnad Gold, WELL and Zero CO\2\.

Read more about Space here (https://www.wihlborgs.se/sv/projekt/lund/space/) and here (https://www.wihlborgs.se/sv/investor-relations/pressmeddelanden/2021/oatly-startar-forsknings--och-innovationscentrum-i-wihlborgs-innovationshus-i-science-village/).
Next to Space, Wihlborgs is set to construct Spectra in the next few years. Spectra will be a property with the same focus on sustainability and which will comprise both offices and labs.

About Oatly’s establishment
In accordance with the agreement signed in 2021, Oatly is leasing 3,100 square metres across three floors. The objective of Oatly’s investment in a new research and development centre is to thoroughly examine the potential of oats and create innovative foodstuffs to drive the for the climate necessary transition to a more plant-based food system. Together with the global innovation department, Oatly’s new research team in Lund is establishing a research and innovation organisation that can benefit from the leading expertise and technology in the academic environment around Lund University. While Space is being constructed, the newly-established research team have moved into Wihlborgs’ Delta 5 property at Ideon in Lund.

From the left in the picture: Christian Lindfors, CEO of Science Village Scandinavia AB, Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs, Philip Sandberg, Mayor of the City of Lund and Sofia Ehlde, Global Innovation Director of Oatly. 

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Contact information

For further information, please contact:
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