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Alvier Mechatronics moving to Prisma in Helsingborg

The start-up company Alvier Mechatronics, a subsidiary of Höganäs, will move to Wihlborgs’ profile property Prisma (Ursula 1) in Oceanhamnen, Helsingborg in the spring of 2023.

Alvier Mechatronics is a subsidiary of Höganäs, a world leader in the market for metal powders and has the ambition to be the first green manufacturer of metal powder. Alvier Mechatronics provides concepts and prototype development for electronic drive systems for global automotive and industrial companies. Their role is to provide materials and systems that are necessary for best solving the challenges within these industries.

Alvier Mechatronics currently operates out of Höganäs but will soon move to Prisma. The ground floor is home to HETCH, Helsingborg’s tech hub, which operates a co-working model in which entrepreneurs and innovators with different backgrounds work side by side and can exchange know-how and form networks.

Alvier Mechatronics’ premises at Prisma, approximately 300 m², are designed to stimulate collaboration and knowledge exchange. This includes office space as well as a lab to develop prototypes and test ideas, such as electric motors. The lease is for five years.

“With its exciting start-up environment, Prisma is the right fit for our organisation and our high ambitions. We’re now recruiting at full capacity and plan to have more employees at the new premises,” says Daniel Hervén, CEO of Alvier Mechatronics.

“When we founded HETCH, it was exactly this effect we wanted to create, that a strong community attracts and establishes exciting growth companies. We are very happy that Alvier Mechatronics becomes part of HETCH”, says David Nilsson-Sträng, CEO of HETCH.

“In Helsingborg, we are excited that knowledge-intensive and innovative companies like Alvier Mechatronics are choosing the city! We’ve worked together with local businesses to create the right preconditions and environments for this kind of company in Oceanhamnen, and it’s exciting to see that work bear fruit. Naturally we would like to continue this development,” says Peter Danielsson, Mayor of the City of Helsingborg.

“Our goal of creating an innovative environment, which we have had together with the tech hub HETCH, has been exceeded many times over. It’s exciting to see how growing companies like Alvier Mechatronics see opportunities for development here,” says Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs.

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For further information, please contact:
Ulrika Hallengren, CEO, Tel: +46 40 690 57 95
Magnus Lambertsson, Regional Director: +46 42 490 46 73

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