We're growing where growth is strongest

Wihlborgs' property portfolio consists of commercial properties in the Öresund region - located in Malmö, Helsingborg, Lund and Copenhagen.

The property portfolio 30 September 2019 consisted of 314 properties with a lettable area of 2,164,000 sqm. The properties' carrying amount was SEK 43.1 billion and the total rental value was 3.3 billion. The largest part of the rental value, 80 percent, belongs to Office/Retail properties, 19 percent to Logistics/Production properties and the remaining 1 percent to Projects & Land.

In Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg, Wihlborgs is the largest commercial property owner.

Property portfolio 2019-07-01 (Excel format)


Wihlborgs is highly foocused within four management areas in Malmö: Dockan, City Söder, City Norr and Malmö Yttre. We have 120 properties and the lettable area is 717,000 sqm.


In Lund we have a total of 33 properties and 266,000 sqm. Our houses are situated in Centrum, Ideon and Gastelyckan.


Wihlborgs is focused within three management areas in Helsingborg: Centrum, Berga and Söder. We have a total of 105 properties and the lettable area is 604,000 sqm.


All of Wihlborgs' properties are located in the west of Greater Copenhagen, near main transport routes. Here we have 56 properties with a lettable area of 608,000 sqm.