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Wihlborgs property portfolio

Our property portfolio consists of commercial properties in the Öresund region.

Wihlborgs property portfolio

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We grow where growth is strongest

A view of the canal in Malmö, with sunshine above the buildings.

Wihlborgs in Malmö

Malmö has the wind in its sails and its sights set on the horizon. The results of the last few decades of purposeful investments in constructing an attractive city are coming to the fore day by day. Thanks to its strategic location, Malmö is currently South Sweden’s hottest growth region for business, higher education and housing. A long-term approach and belief in the future are two characteristics of Malmö’s investments. 

Wihlborgs is the largest commercial property owner in Malmö, with a total of 103 properties in the portfolio comprising 633,000 m². In Malmö, our properties are concentrated in these areas: Arlöv/Bernstorp, Dockan, Centrum, Fosie/Jägersro, Limhamn, Hyllie, Medeon, Norra Sorgenfri and Nyhamnen. 

Our head office in Malmö is located at Stora Varvsgatan 11a (Gängtappen) in Dockan, Västra Hamnen.
Map to Stora Varvsgatan 11a

A bird's eye wiev of the harbour in Helsingborg.

Wihlborgs in Helsingborg

With a strategic position at the narrowest part of the Öresund, and with Helsingør on the other side, Helsingborg is today Sweden’s second largest container port. Combined with its proximity to the E4, E6 and E20 motorway arteries, Helsingborg is a strategic logistical hub that is attracting a growing number of companies. The city is at the forefront of new approaches and innovation, as well as services and care. 

Wihlborgs is the largest commercial property owner in Helsingborg, with a total of 108 properties in the portfolio comprising 648,000 m² distributed across three areas: Central Helsingborg, Berga and Söder.

Our office in Helsingborg is located at Terminalgatan 1 at Helsingborg Central Station.
Map to Terminalgatan 1

View of Lund city with the train tracks in the forefront.

Wihlborgs in Lund

Lund is the thousand-year-old city with an ability to constantly regenerate. The Lund of today is in the midst of a unique transformation that affects the area stretching from Lund Central Station to the new area of Brunnshög in the city’s northeast region. An entirely new city district is growing around the research facilities MAX IV and ESS, and the district is expected to accommodate 40,000 inhabitants and employees. Lund’s vision for Brunnshög is for it to become an international example of sustainable city development.

In Lund, Wihlborgs has concentrated its portfolio on two management areas: Ideon and Central Lund/Gastelyckan. Wihlborgs is the largest commercial property owner in Lund, with a total of 34 properties in the portfolio comprising 262,000 m².

Our office in Lund is located at Scheelevägen 17 in the Ideon Science Park area.
Map to Scheelevägen 17

A view of an office building in Copenhagen, with a busy road in front.

Wihlborgs in Copenhagen

Together with Malmö, Copenhagen represents the hub of the expansive Öresund region, with the Öresund Bridge as the connecting link. Thanks to the rapidly developing Copenhagen Airport, access to and from Copenhagen is very easy. 

Ever since Wihlborgs established itself in Copenhagen in 1996, its position in the market has become increasingly strong. In Copenhagen, Wihlborgs currently owns and manages 62 properties comprising 702,000 m². This places Wihlborgs among the 6–7 largest office property owners in Copenhagen.

Our office in Denmark is located at Mileparken 22A in Skovlunde, Copenhagen.
Map to Mileparken 22A