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Wihlborgs’ history

Wihlborgs’ history began in 1924 when master builder O.P. Wihlborg started his construction company. in 1985, Wihlborgs became a pure property company, but operations have grown over the years. Wihlborgs in its current form was formed in 2005 when the company was split into two divisions.

Wihlborgs over the years


Wihlborgs acquires two properties totalling 53,000 m² near Copenhagen Airport and a stone's throw from the metro; Hedegaardsvej 88 and Amager Strandvej 390. Ground breaking ceremonies are taken i.a. for the innovation house Space (Kunskapen 1) in Lund, a new facility of 25,000 m² for Nederman at Rausgård 21 in Helsingborg, an industrial facility for Inpac at Tomaten 1 in Lund and the mobility house in Vista (Bläckhornet 1). Internal pricing on CO2e emissions and a threshold for new-build projects are introduced, and in this year's edition of the ESG evaluation GRESB, Wihlborgs is named global sector leader in sustainability.

Office building Kvartetten in Hyllie.


In January, we commenced construction of Kvartetten in Hyllie, where Mindpark and the restaurant Spill became new tenants later in the year. In Lund, we signed a lease with Oatly, who are set to establish an entirely new research facility in Kunskapen 1 (Space) in Science Village. The number of public-sector tenants increased insofar as that Region Skåne (RMC) moved to Kranen 2, Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency) moved to Nya Vattentornet 4 (Cube), the Institute for Human Rights moved to Nya Vattentornet 2 at Ideon in Lund and BUP (En: Child and adolescent psychiatry) moved to Hermes 10 in Helsingborg.

Prisma, office building in Helsingborg


The year begins with a property acquisition in Denmark, Banemarksvej 50 in Bröndby with 19,600 sqm, and in October another acquisition is made - Baldersbuen 5 with 6,900 sqm. The year is also marked by the corona pandemic and its effects, where Wihlborgs tries to find sustainable solutions for tenants and also continues to invest in the region. During the year, occupancy begins in, among others, Medeon Science Park's new building and the Prisma office building in Helsingborg.

Illustration of the square in front of Helsingborg C.


The development of Helsingborg Central Station begins, involving a new facade, new entrances, a new restaurant area, more office space and a redeveloped travel centre. In Lund, Wihlborgs aquires Nya Vattentornet 2 och 4 comprising a total of 49 000 m² and in Helsingborg Wihlborgs aquires Hermes 10 and 16, also known as Tretornfabriken, comprising 51 000 m². In Hyllie, the office buildings Dungen (GImle 1) and Origo (Bure 3) stand ready for occupancy. Dungen is awarded the Urban Design Prize in Malmö. Gängtappen 1 in Malmö is sold to Länshem Skåne.

The office building Posthornet in Lund färdigställs.


The Posthornet office building next to Lund Central Station becomes ready for occupancy. At the Annual General Meeting on 25 April Wihlborgs' CEO Anders Jarl. is elected Chairman of the Board. Ulrika Hallengren takes over as new CEO. Malmö University signs a lease for 9,000 m² at Kranen 2 in Dockan, Malmö. The premises will be used for training police officers starting in 2019. In Lund, Wihlborgs acquires Nya Vattentornet 3 comprising 21,700 m² of primarily office space. In Helsingborg the first earth is turned for Prisma — Wihlborgs’ new office building in the Oceanhamnen district.

The office building Dungen in Hyllie Malmö.


Wihlborgs begins construction on two office projects in Hyllie: Dungen and Origo. In Denmark Wihlborgs strengthens its presence through the acquisition of a total of 16 properties comprising 175 000 kvm. In Dockan, a 2,200 sqm extension of Kranen 9 begins, with 1,500 kvm designated for Tyréns. At the year-end, the office building Sirius in Nyhamnen In Malmö and the Ubåten multistorey car park are completed.

Office building Sirius in Nyhamnen, Malmö.


Wihlborgs begins construction on the Sirius office building in Nyhamnen in Malmö and of Posthornet in Lund. The Knutpunkten extension in Helsingborg is fully let and ready for occupancy. Wihlborgs strengthens its Copenhagen presence through the acquisition of 13 properties, comprising a total of 100 000 sqm. The renovation of the Gängtappen property is completed and Länsförsäkringar Skåne becomes the first tenant to move in. 

The MAX IV facility in Lund.


Wihlborgs acquires two strategically located properties in Copenhagen and thus increases the property portfolio by two thirds. In July we acquired two properties in central Malmö, Karin and Nora. During the year Wihlborgs begin the restoration of Sweden's first skyscraper Gängtappen (former Kockums ) in Malmö and in Helsingborg the rebuilding and extension of Knutpunkten. In Lund received Wihlborgs property MAX IV two prestigious awards; Green Building samt BREEAM.

wihlborgs offices in Ballerup, Denmark.


Wihlborgs strengthens its presence in Danish Ballerup through the acquisition of four office buildings of 39,000 square meters and now has a total of 155 000 sqm in Ballerup and Herlev. Wihlborgs also acquired the property Terminal 3 (Knutpunkten) in the central of Helsingborg and is the now the sole owner of the entire property consisting of train, buses and ferries.

Ideon Gateway at Ideon Science Park in Lund.


Wihlborgs acquires the remaining ten properties in Ideon and thereby becomes sole owner of the whole of the Ideon Science Park. Wihlborgs' biggest single newbuild/redevelopment project, Landsdomaren 6, Lund, is completed and Psykiatri Skåne (the Skåne Psychiatric Service) moves in.

Media Evolution City in Malmö, a creative space for media companies.


In 2012 the Media Evolution City project in Dockan is completed. The project is a property of 7,600 m2 and a centre for various businesses in the media sector. The Baltzar City building in central Malmö is acquired at a cost of SEK 473 million. Two properties are acquired in Denmark in Wihlborgs' sub-region Herlev/Ballerup. The Magasinet project near Malmö Central Station is completed.

A flag from the Wihlborg's annual general meeting, welcoming all visitors.


In 2011 the AGM approves a 2-for-1 share split. The first day of trading in shares after the split was Monday 23 May. The number of shares outstanding and registered increased to 76,856,728. Wihlborgs avails itself of a new channel of financing, in the form of part-owned property finance company Svensk Fastighets Finansiering AB. During the year, Wihlborgs starts out on its biggest single newbuild/redevelopment project, Landsdomaren 6, in Lund.

The real estate Bytarebacken in central Lund.


Wihlborgs, in partnership with Peab, wins the contract for the MAX IV research facility in Lund, and on 22 November, the first earth is turned. In central Helsingborg, the Knutpunkten centre, measuring 18,500 m2 of offices, travel centre, shops and restaurants, is acquired. The Bytarebacken 39 property in central Lund, with a total area of 15,400 m2 of shops and offices, is acquired.

The SVT building in Dockan, Malmö. With the iconic blue clock from the Kockum's era intact.


Wihlborgs acquired the Gängtappen building in the Dockan area and the SVT building in the adjacent Varvstaden area. A lease was signed with Comfort Hotel for a refurbishment and extension of Europe’s largest Comfort Hotel at Slagthuset in Malmö. Wihlborgs acquired the remaining 60 percent of the shares in Ideon AB. Wihlborgs divested 1,250,000 treasury shares at a price of SEK 128.50 per share. The shares were previously acquired at an average price of SEK 98 per share.

A grey and red building for Region Skåne in Dockan, Malmö.


Wihlborgs left Germany with the sale of the remaining office building Lippelstrasse in Hamburg. Leases were signed with ÅF and Region Skåne for two new office properties at Dockan. A lease was signed with Honda for the new construction of their Nordic head office at Svågertorp. Wihlborgs acquired the Scandinavian Center property in Malmö, with a total area of 8,000 m². Wihlborgs continued to buy back its own shares, acquiring 1,217,000, leading to Wihlborgs holding a total of 2,214,350 treasury shares at the end of the year.

A wide shot of the Ideon area in Lund.


Wihlborgs continued to invest in Lund at the Ideon district, opening its fourth local office there. Wihlborgs signed a lease with Mercedes for the new construction of their Nordic head office at Dockan.

The Beta building in Ideon Science Park, with a large Ideon sign at the top.


Wihlborgs acquires 14 properties in Malmö from Tornet. The properties have a total lettable area of 182,000 m2. In June, Wihlborgs acquires 40 percent of the shares in Ideon AB. The acquisition includes the property Betahuset (kv Vätet 1), with a total area of 24,000 m2. In May, a 2-for-1 share split is carried out, in which two new shares are issued for every existing share held.

A white flag with the blue Wihlborg's logo.


At the Annual General Meeting on 9 May 2005, Wihlborgs decided to separate properties in Stockholm and the Öresund region, and changed its company name from Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB to Fabege AB. The company’s property portfolio in the Öresund region was distributed under the company name Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB. On 23 May 2005, Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB was listed on the “O” List of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Wihlborgs became a pure property company in 1985, but has expanded operations since, and in 1998, the property portfolio was concentrated in the Stockholm region, in addition to those properties in the Öresund region. Wihlborgs in its current form was formed in 2005 when the company was split into two divisions, properties in Stockholm were gathered in the Fabege property company and properties in the Öresund region were gathered in Wihlborgs. Today, Wihlborgs’ offices and property portfolio is located in selected sub-markets of Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg and Copenhagen. The property portfolio was developed and improved continually through sales, purchases and upgrades.

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