Annual General Meetings

Below you find information and documents from Wihlborgs' Annual General Meetings. 

AGM 2021

Registration for Wihlborgs' Annual General Meeting is now closed.

The AGM in Wihlborgs will be held on Tuesday 27 April 2021. 

Due the coronavirus pandemic, and taking into consideration the government’s restrictions and recommendation that public gatherings be avoided, the AGM will be conducted solely by way of advance voting (postal voting) with the support of temporary statutory requirements. This means that it will not be possible to attend this year’s AGM in person or via a proxy.


Notice of the 2021 AGM (pdf)

Registration, etc.

Shareholders wishing to participate in the Annual General Meeting through postal voting must:

  • be entered in the register of shareholders maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB on Monday, 19 April 2021,
  • and have notified their intentions to participate in the AGM no later than Monday 26 April 2021 by submitting a postal vote in accordance with the instructions below in such a manner that Euroclear Sweden AB has received the postal vote by the same date. Registering for the AGM can only be carried out through postal voting.

In addition to registering by providing their postal vote, shareholders who have their shares registered under a nominee must register the shares in their own name in order to be entered into the share register by Monday, 19 April 2021. Such registration may be temporary (so-called “voting right registration”) and may be requested from the nominee in accordance with the nominee’s procedures at a time in advance as determined by the nominee. Voting rights registered not later than Wednesday 21 April 2021 will be taken into account in the preparation of the register of shareholders.

Powers of attorney

If the shareholder is postal voting through a proxy, the power of attorney must be enclosed with the form. If the shareholder is a legal entity, a certificate of incorporation or other corresponding document must be submitted along with the form.

 Power of attorney (pdf)

Registration and postal voting

Shareholders may only exercise their voting rights at the AGM by voting in advance, what is known as postal voting pursuant to Section 22 of the Swedish Act on Temporary Exemptions to Facilitate the Execution of General Meetings in Companies and Associations (2020:198). Registration and postal voting must be completed not later than 26 April 2021 in one of the following ways:

  • Electronic voting with BankID: Shareholders who are natural persons may also submit their postal votes electronically through verification using the BankID security app via Euroclear Sweden AB’s website
  • E-mail voting: Completed and signed postal voting forms may be e-mailed to (use ”Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB – postal voting” in the subject line). 
  • Regular postal voting: Completed and signed postal voting forms may be sent by post to Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB, “AGM” c/o Euroclear Sweden AB, Box 191, SE-101 23 Stockholm, Sweden in such a manner that Euroclear Sweden AB has received the postal vote not later than Monday, 26 April 2021. 

Postal voting form (pdf)

Elektronic registration and voting - link to Euroclear Sweden

Further information

Please contact Euroclear Sweden AB by phone +46 (0)8 402 91 54 (Monday to Friday,
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) with questions about the meeting or to have an advance voting form sent by post.

AGM documents

All AGM documents can be found under the heading Annual General Meeting 2021 below. Wihlborgs' Annual and sustainability report will be published on 1 April. 


Notice of the 2019 AGM
Agenda and documents for the 2019 AGM
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