Stenåldern7- Fosie, Malmö

In Fosie, Wihlborgs has signed an agreement with voestalpine Böhler weldCare AB to build a production facility of 4,300 m². 

New, modern production facilities in Fosie

On our property at Stenåldern 7 in Fosie, we will build a new, modern production facility with a great deal of flexibility for the future. The new, modern facilities will be production premises for high-quality finishing chemicals that help customers around the world create first-class surface finishes for stainless steel. It will help develop Fosie’s attractiveness, which will benefit the entire area.

voestalpine Böhler weldCare AB

The expansive company voestalpine Böhler weldCare AB is part of the voestalpine Böhler Welding group, a leading manufacturer and global supplier of welding filler material for industrial welding and soldering. 

Voestalpine - Rendering

Project facts

Property: Stenåldern 7
Floor space: 4,300 m²

Construction start: Q2, 2019
Occupancy: Q3, 2020

Architect: Wennström & Lundquist
Contractor: Veidekke
Tenant: voestalpine Böhler weldCare AB

Picture of Mikael Elofsson
Mikael Elofsson
Project Manager
Jan Andersson
Property Manager