Rondellhuset, Malmö, Sweden

Wihlborgs’ next prestigious project in Dockan is the construction of the Rondellhuset (working title), an office building with top-level environmental certification. A Green building with a capital G.

The Rondellhuset will be built at a strategic location on the junction of Stora Varvsgatan and Östra Varvsgatan adjacent to the Gängtappen building and will, thus, become a new addition to Dockan’s cityscape. The side closest to Gängtappen will be 11 storeys and will slope down to seven storeys toward the roundabout at the junction of Stora Varvsgatan and Östra Varvsgatan. The property will be given an exciting, innovative, soft rounded design in a natural progression of the design of Gängtappen.

Consistent selection of quality materials will be used for the Rondellhuset. The property will have double-glazed facades with integrated photovoltaic cells. This gives an extremely low energy consumption and means that we will continue to remain at the forefront and drive the development of energy-smart buildings.

There will also be sedum roofs, large bright spacious stairways, terraces on four floors (floors 6, 7, 8 and 9) and the gentle shape of the building creates a bright and open interior with many possibilities for those who want to move in.

Project facts

Property: Rondellen
Floor space: 8,500 m2
Environmental classification: GreenBuilding

Possible start: Immediately 
Tenants: Vacant

Architect: Lars Iwdal, Arkitektbyrån Design