Kirseberg 31:53, Malmö

At the Kirseberg 31:53 property in Segevång, Malmö, Wihlbors is building a transportation facility for Region Skåne. 

Wihlborgs has won a tender for a transportation facility for Region Skåne. The lease that has just been signed means that Wihlborgs will build a facility of 2,300 m² with adjacent parking lots and logistics premises.

The lease is for premises for Skånetransport, which is responsible for Region Skåne’s collected fleet of 780 vehicles and provides transportation between the organisation’s different entities in Skåne. The new facilities have a location that will reduce the transportation’s environmental impact through its proximity to Malmö and Lund as well as the major road network with access roads to the E6, E20 and E22.

The property is being constructed at the Kirseberg 31:53 property in Segevång, Malmö, and includes 920 m² of office space and changing rooms as well as a distribution center and workshop of 1,340 m². Region Skåne is renting the entire 11,000 m² site on a ten-year lease. 


Kirseberg 31:53 - projekt till Region Skåne

Project facts

Property: Kirseberg 31:53, Malmö

Floor space: 2 600 m² 

Construction start: Q2 2019
Completion: Q3 2020
Tenant: Region Skåne

Architect: Wennström & Lundquist
Contractor:  TBD

Picture of Stefan Eklöf
Stefan Eklöf
Property Director
Picture of Josefine Stefansson
Josefine Stefansson
Project Manager