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Kv. Polisen

The Polisen block is Helsingborg is growing. Here we have the opportunity to create an additional office building of 15 storeys and 7,000 square metres. With its fantastic height, this building can provide unique views over all of Helsingborg’s rooftops, Kärnan, southern Helsingborg and Oceanhamnen.
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Jan-Erik Johansson

Property Director
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Helsingborg’s public authorities district

The office properties Polisen 6 and Polisen 5 adjoin a site we have just received planning permission for, making it possible for us to construct an additional office building. With this cluster of three office properties, we can complete the construction of the Polisen block, which in turn will further strengthen the attraction of Helsingborg’s southern neighbourhoods, where several successful development projects have already been completed. With tenants such as the District Court, the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Enforcement Authority and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the block is its own public authorities district in Helsingborg.

7,000 sqm and 15 storeys

The 15 storeys at the 65 metre tall Polisen 7 property will offer gorgeous views in every direction. With around 7,000 square metres, we have the opportunity to create several modern office premises in a strategic location right next to Malmöleden, the main entry for central Helsingborg. The proximity to Helsingborg C is another major advantage. A garage and parking spaces are planned for the basement level.

Project facts

  • Property

    Polisen 7

  • Location


  • Floor space

    7,000 m²

  • Environmental classification

    Gold environmental certification

  • Possible construction start


  • Tenants


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Jan-Erik Johansson

Property Director
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Peter Siroky

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