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Etichal guidelines

Wihlborgs’ business concept stipulates that we specialise in efficient sub-markets in the Öresund region, where we own, manage in-house and develop commercial properties.

Our overall goal states that we are to pursue a business model for growth and will be one of the leading and most profitable property companies on the Stockholm Exchange. We have also identified different values that form the basis for the company’s interaction with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The guidelines apply to all employees and Board members of Wihlborgs as well as our suppliers and contractors. 


Wihlborgs’ employees take personal responsibility for their actions.

Wihlborgs operates within the framework of the applicable laws and international conventions. This means that Wihlborgs complies with the applicable rules governing competition, environmental and labour legislation or any other requirements/regulations specified for Wihlborgs. 

Gifts, bribery and corruption

Employees of Wihlborgs are not permitted to accept unwarranted gifts, rewards or trips from other parties that could, or could be perceived to, influence the objectivity of a procurement decision.

Employees may not participate in any private business activities where a conflict of interest with Wihlborgs’ interests could arise. All employees are obligated to inform their managers of any activities conducted outside of Wihlborgs.

If any employee engages a supplier/contractor of Wihlborgs for private reasons, the employee’s immediate manager must approve the offer with a signature. This is to ensure that employees do not obtain any unwarranted benefit for private use attributable to their employment at Wihlborgs. When requested, employees must also be able to present an invoice/receipt detailing the amount paid for the service/goods.

Employees of Wihlborgs are not permitted to carry out any transaction that would involve utilising inside information.

Furthermore, in the course of performing their duties, Wihlborgs’ employees may not use bribes or other forms of reward to arrange business transactions with customers, suppliers or any other parties.

Politics and societal commitment

Wihlborgs maintains a neutral position on party-political issues. Wihlborgs’ name may not be used by political parties or by individual political candidates.

Individual employees are encouraged to engage themselves in societal issues.

Human rights and working conditions

Wihlborgs has signed the ten principles in the UN Global Compact, and promotes and supports international regulations governing human rights. Wihlborgs supports diversity and equality. No discrimination is permitted based on nationality, sex, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, political opinion, affiliation or social or ethnic origin.

In addition, child labour or forced or compulsory labour is not permitted. The minimum age for employment is the age for completing compulsory schooling. Exceptions can be made for holiday jobs and short-term employment. The minimum age is always 15 years.

The work environment must be safe for Wihlborgs’ employees and comply with national laws and agreements.

Freedom of association and the right to collective negotiations and agreements apply at Wihlborgs. Employee representatives must be able to perform their assignments.

Wihlborgs actively promotes exercise and preventive healthcare to create a better balance between work and leisure.

The environment

Wihlborgs manages properties and develops projects that impact a large number of people and is responsible for the tenants’ well-being in those environments.

Environmental efforts comprise a strategic issue and are based on well-established management decisions. Environmental issues are integrated into daily activities and operations are carried out in a resource-efficient manner. Wihlborgs works purposefully to reduce the company’s environmental impact and, in this context, the reduction of energy consumption is a key goal. Wihlborgs must select those products and services that minimise the environmental burden. Environmental knowledge and competence must be gradually developed among all employees.

Relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

Wihlborgs is to meet its contractual obligations and other agreements. Price-fixing agreements, forming cartels and other forms of misuse of market position are not permitted.

We apply the same requirements for our own operations regarding ethical guidelines, as those we apply for our contractors and suppliers. Accordingly, a checklist is appended to contracts signed. This covers issues pertaining to the environment, quality, work environment and ethics. Our suppliers are then rated on a scale of 1 to 3. 1= low risk, 2 = medium risk and 3 = high risk. Suppliers who submit insufficient data for assessment are placed under observation and receive a temporary rating of 0. We monitor circumstances for change and since the agreements apply for one 12-month period at a time, we are able to actively influence our suppliers/contractors.

Wihlborgs has procedures in place for fault reporting and informs tenants about how to apply these. Faults must be rectified within a reasonable period of time.

Marketing and advertising by Wihlborgs always provide correct information about the services offered and may not be misleading.

Sponsorship by Wihlborgs operations must always be based on the rules adopted for sponsorship activities. 

Follow-up of Wihlborgs’ ethical guidelines

Wihlborgs’ ethical guidelines must be continually followed up in operations.

Each manager is responsible for informing about the guidelines and ensuring they are followed. The manager must also set a good example.

Employees that do not comply with the guidelines may be subject to legal action.

Should any of Wihlborgs’ contractors or suppliers be in serious breach of these guidelines; the business relationship will be discontinued.

Reporting obligation

Openness is a requirement for any offers to employees from customers and suppliers.

All employees are obliged to inform their immediate manager about conditions that conflict with our ethical guidelines.

Corporate governance reports

The shareholders influence the governance of the Company through participating in and exercising their voting rights at the Annual General Meeting, Wihlborgs’ highest decision-making body.

All shares carry equal voting rights, which means that these rights correspond to each shareholder’s proportion of the share capital.

Under the Swedish Companies Act, other legislation and regulations, the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm’s Rule Book for Issuers, the Swedish Corporate Governance Code, the Articles of Association and internal governance instruments, such as the rules of procedure for the Board, instructions to the Chief Executive Officer and the financial policy, the management and responsibilities of the Wihlborgs Group are divided between the Board and Chief Executive Officer.