Environmental Policy

Wihlborgs’ environmental initiatives are a natural and integral part of all our business activities. We aim to prevent and minimise negative environmental impact by working with a systematic, proactive and target-oriented approach. Through their decisions and actions, managers and personnel are to promote resource-efficient operations based on a climate and eco-cycle perspective.

In partnership with our customers, stakeholders and suppliers, we will achieve long-term environmental gains. We continuously strive to provide attractive, space-efficient premises in properties with high environmental ratings that promote a stimulating social environment. The work environments and indoor climates of our premises must maintain a high standard.

We will continuously endeavour to lower energy consumption and reduce the climate impact of our properties and transportation use. We have clear targets and utilise modern technology to measure and follow up the energy and environmental status of various objects. The objective is to steer our consumption toward an increased share of renewable energy. Wihlborgs’ properties are managed with a long-term approach using documented management plans based on a lifecycle perspective.

We prioritise Green solutions when sourcing products and services from contractors and suppliers, and have therefore prepared an assessment template for ethics, quality, and environmental and social factors. We continuously review how our suppliers meet our requirements and expectations in terms of sustainability.

All new production is to be environmentally certified (in line with Sweden Green Building Council, SGBC Gold). For all conversions or extensions, environmental certification must be considered in consultation with Wihlborgs’ Environmental Manager. All larger property developments should include an approved environmental plan and an appointed environmental coordinator.

Wihlborgs is responsive to environmental innovations and keeps itself continuously updated with current environmental information. External information regarding our environmental initiatives to tenants and the public should be open and transparent. Wihlborgs participates in external networks and forums that discuss climate and environmental solutions. Through high levels of expertise, continuous improvement, and work satisfaction, we promote sustainable societal development.

January 2016