Environmental goals 2019

Our vision for 2020 is for Wihlborgs to continue to expand while reducing our environmental impact. We work systematically with a number of initiatives to enhance Wihlborgs’ total environmental performance and have tangible environmental goals linked to our prioritised environmental topics.

Our environmental goals for 2019 follow below.


Reduce our operations’ climate impact and, over the long term, develop operations toward zero emissions.

  • CO2 emissions amount to less than 2 kg CO2e per square metre
  • The quantity of CO2 emissions measured in CO2e totals less than 40 percent compared with the base year 2005
  • Wihlborgs’ Swedish property management operations are climate neutral for the full year


Optimised consumption and a focus on renewable energy sources.

  • More than 50 percent of our office buildings have energy use levels of less than 100 kWh/m²
  • Energy consumption to decrease by 1 percent per year
  • Purchased electricity to comprise solely renewable electricity and for other energy choices, renewables are prioritised where possible
  • Increased share for photovoltaics, at least 5 new facilities in operation per year

Waste and water

Focus on resource-efficient management.

  • Waste collected to decrease by 1 percent per year in square metre terms
  • Water consumption (from producer to tap) to decrease by 1 percent per year in square metre terms
  • Less than 5 percent of waste from construction projects in Sweden to go to landfill.


Continuous green space initiatives with a focus on self-pollinating plants and perennials.

  • Increase the number of bird boxes, bee hives and insect hotels around our properties.

Certified buildings*

Increase the share of environmentally certified buildings

  • All of Wihlborgs’ new builds are to be environmentally certified to our target level, the Sweden Green Building Council Gold level
  • All property projects (conversions or extensions for more than SEK 5 million) are to be handled in consultation with Wihlborgs’ Environmental Manager
  • Start the certification of existing buildings as soon as SGBC launches Miljöbyggnad iDrift (SGBC In-Use) most likely toward the end of 2019.

Green Leases*

Create platforms for dialogues with tenants.

  • Green leases are standard practice when signing leases with our tenants.

Environmental competence*

The environmental competence of our employees creates drive and commitment.

  • All new employees undergo obligatory environmental training, with refresher courses every five years. Continuous ongoing skills development.

*The goals for certified buildings, green leases and environmental competence apply for operations in Sweden.


Detailed description of goals and follow-up (pdf)