Environmental goals 2020-2022

Wihlborgs works systematically with a number of initiatives to enhance our’ total environmental performance and has tangible environmental goals linked to our prioritised environmental topics for the period 2020-2022.

Strategy and orientation

  • Continued environmental certification of new-build and redevelopment projects, and increased volume of environmental certification in our existing property portfolio
  • Development and management of a climate neutral operation based on the net zero carbon principle (incl. climate compensation)
  • Economical orientation regarding resources and optimisation of our usage of energy, building material and water. Systematic reduce our waste based on waste hierarchy principles.
  • Focus on circular economy and lifecycle perspective in our decisions and actions.


  • We have a climate neutral property management in both Sweden and Denmark.
  • We have climate goals approved by Science Based Targets (SBTi)
  • We have an established systematic regarding climate-impact-reducing measures/reporting for all project operations

CO2 emissions, scope 1-2

A maximum of 1.5 kg CO2 per m² (Result 2019: 3.05 kg CO2)

Energy and resource efficiency

  • Improved resource efficiency compared with the previous year as well as the base year 2019.

Total energy consumption 

A maximum of 95 kWh purchased energy per m2 NFA. (Result 2019: 113 kWh per m2 NFA)

Energy, water and waste

Consumption/volumes decrease by 1 percent per year, normalised values (comparable holdings).

Increased levels of waste sorting.

Solar power

Wihlborgs’ own solar power systems have a maximum installed output of at least 3 000 kWp. (Result 2019: 1 200 kWp)

Certified buildings

  • We have started at least one certification based on Sweden Green Building Council’s “NollCO2” certification
  • We have the necessary methods and ability in place to manage environmentally certified buildings.

Share of environmentally certi­fied buildings in Sweden

80 percent of offices in Sweden, measured by property value, are certified. (Result 2019: 30 percent)

Green leases

  • Green leases are standard for new leases.

Share of green leases

A minimum of 50 percet of the total amount of contracts for premises are green leases (Sw). (Result 2019: 30 percent)

Governance and reporting

  • We have clearly measurable and broken-down targets by region and property management group in place.
  • We have strengthened operations with more property management resources for the environment and operations/technology.
  • We report according to EPRA’s environmental and energy reporting at Gold Level.