Energy and climate

Wihlborgs’ energy consumption and choice of energy sources is the area in which our operations have the single greatest environmental impact. Consequently, this aspect of the environment has been prioritised for several years in both operational management and environmental goals. In our Swedish operations almost 100 percent is energy from renewable energy sources. In Denmark, work still remains to increase the proportion of renewable energy.

We will attempt to make further progress in this area under the guidance of the global climate targets highlighted by the COP21 in Paris and the UN’s sustainability targets (2030 Agenda).

Energy savings

Wihlborgs considers energy efficiency to be a question of finding a balance between low levels of energy consumption and tenants’ need for comfort and a healthy indoor climate. We implement energy efficiency-enhancement measures each year in the properties that offer the potential to make savings. It is often a question of fine-tuning each building’s energy system and optimising the ventilation system. Each building is unique, which is why it is important to make an overall assessment of where the measures will have the greatest effect in relation to the investment. The increased proportion of environmentally certified properties, the commitment of our operators and the ambition of the environmental policy are all systematically contributing to highly performing buildings over time.

Energy consumption, kWh, percent 


Solar power

One of Wihlborgs’ environmental goals is to increase the proportion of renewable and locally produced energy used, by installing a minimum of five new solar power system per year. Actively exploiting the solar power created from our roofs and facades will help us purchase less energy and ensure lower consumption fi gures. At the end of 2018, we had solar panels on ten properties. During the year, these produced around 600,000 kWh of renewable energy. 

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Climate impact

Our greatest environmental challenge is how we contribute to reducing the climate impact of our operations and value chain. Our environmental policy states that we should promote resource-efficient operations based on a climate and eco-cycle
perspective. We are reducing our climate impact by enhancing energy efficiency, moving towards renewable sources of energy, making active choices regarding transportation and focusing on a high level of environmental performance for new builds and redevelopments. 

Wihlborgs' environmental targets state that CO2 emissions are to amount to less than 40 percent compared with 2005, when Wihlborgs was founded and less than 2 kg CO2e per square metre .


Cimate impact - outcome

Trend concerning our climate impact

For more details regarding calculations of carbon dioxide, refer to the GRI appendix at 

Breakdown of CO2 emissions 2018