Targets and reporting

Wihlborgs reports on sustainability in line with the Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI Standards: Core option. We also take into account the EPRA Sustainability Best Practices Recommendations (sBPR) and the guidelines issued by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). 

We also report annually to the UN Global Compact and Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). We also report annually to the UN Global Compact and Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). Our complete sustainability report can be found in our Annual Report and Sustainability Report. There is also information about stakeholder dialogue, materiality analysis, governance, follow-up and reporting in line with the GRI, EPRA and the TCFD.

Wihlborgs' Sustainability Framework

Wihlborgs’ sustainability framework comprises four main areas: responsible business, sustainable properties, attractive employer and commitment to the region and the community. The purpose of defining these four areas is to provide a clear focus and ensure our efforts have a greater impact. We have prioritised a number of topics within each area that we measure and follow up systematically.

Responsible business

Taking responsibility for our relationships with customers, suppliers and partners is vital in terms of fostering confidence and our ability to conduct successful business over the long term. We place great importance on ensuring strong financial stability, responsible relationships throughout the value chain and we
also prioritise initiatives relating to ethics and anti-corruption.. Read more about our responsible business practises

Sustainable properties

It is important for our properties to be energy-efficient, to have a low impact on the climate and to contribute to a functional and positive work environment. It is in and around our properties that we can do the most to minimise our impact on the environment, and we focus on reporting on and improving our properties’ climate impact, environmental performance and energy consumption. Read more about our sustainable property practices

Attractive employer

Our employees’ happiness, commitment and ability to develop has a direct impact on our customers’ experience of their relationship with Wihlborgs, as well as on our ability to deliver strong results. As part of our aim to be an attractive employer, we prioritise aspects such as the work environment, skills development, diversity and equal opportunities. Read more about our attractive employer practices

Commitment to the region and its community

A prerequisite for our operations is that the region is attractive to the business community. We contribute to the development of the region through our core operations but also by committing to initiatives that strengthen the region, such as infrastructure, innovation and education. Opting for local suppliers also helps the region’s development. Read more about our commitmet to the region 

Picture of Anna Nambord
Anna Nambord
Director of Sustainable Business
Picture of Fredrik Ljungdahl
Fredrik Ljungdahl
ESG Controller

Wihlborgs' sustainability targets

To ensure clarity and focus, we have selected five overall targets that cover the core elements of our sustainability initiatives. In addition to these, we have more detailed targets and objectives for each focus area. A description and outcome of these can be found in our Annual and sustainability report.

Customers’ willingness to recommend

Target 2022: At least 75 percent of customers say they could consider “recommending or highly recommending” Wihlborgs to a colleague or business associate.

Outcome 2020: 85 percent.

customers willingness to recommend.png

Committed employees

Our employees are one of our most vital resources. Our committed and competent employees mean we are able to maintain a high level of quality and focus on customers in our operations.

Target 2022: Trust Index shall be at least 85 percent according to Great Place to Work’s measurement methodology. The Trust Index is a gauge of employees’ perceptions of trust, pride and friendship at the workplace.

Outcome 2020: Trust Index 87 percent

committed employees.png

Commitment to the region and its community

Wihlborgs contributes to the development of the region in multiple ways, including by supporting initiatives focusing on work, education, inclusiveness, diversity and regional development.

Target 2022: A majority of our investments in sponsorship activities shall be directly connected to societal commitment or other forms of community involvement.

Outcome 2020: 41 percent of our sponsorships were connected to societal commitment. 


Environmental certification

Wihlborgs is continually focused on reducing its environmental impact and developing properties with a strong environmental performance and a positive work environment. Environmental certification is one way to measure these efforts.

Target 2022: The target is to see 80 percent of the floor space of Wihlborgs’ office buildings in Sweden environmentally certified. The long-term target is for 100 percent of our properties within the Group to be environmentally certified.

Outcome 2020: 29 percent of the lettable floor space of Wihlborgs' office buildings in Sweden is environmentally certified.

certified buildings.png

Climate impact

The greatest environmental challenge we face is to contribute to reducing the climate impact of our operations.

Target 2022: Our CO2 emissions in scopes 1–2 (direct emissions from own operations and indirect emissions from purchased energy) shall fall below 1.5 kg CO2 equivalents per square metre by the end of 2022. We have also established a long term target for our total CO2 emissions that has been approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

Outcome 2020: The CO2 emissions in scope 1 and 2 amounted to  1.4 kg per square metre.

co2 emissions.png

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

As a member of the UN Global Compact, we naturally work to advance the 17 SDGs contained in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We know that we can make a particular contribution to six of the SDGs, as well as certain specific targets that overlap with our sustainability agenda. In addition to this, we contribute indirectly to several of the other goals in our day-to-day operations
and through our societal commitment. 

We annually report to UN Global Compact. Our reporting and certificates are available at UN Global Compact website.


Sustainable energy for all

Sustainable energy is one area in which Wihlborgs has significant opportunities to help create positive change. We work continuously on enhancing energy efficiency and have been using renewable energy almost exclusively at our properties in Sweden for several years. 

Target: 7.2, 7.3


Decent work and economic growth

Working towards an inclusive and sustainable economic growth is fundamental for Wihlborgs and permeates our everyday operations. We create healthy and safe workplaces in resource-efficient properties for our employees and our tenants and ensure decent working conditions are maintained throughout the value chain.

Target: 8.4, 8.8


Sustainable cities and communities
Sustainable urban environment is obviously close to our heart, and this is where we can make a difference in the areas in which we operate. We aim to develop properties with a low environmental impact close to public transport hubs and support new infrastructure investments in varying contexts that can contribute to sustainable transportation.

Target: 11.6


Responsible consumption and production

The property sector plays an important role in reducing environmental impact in our communities and in contributing to a more sustainable and circular way of life. We at Wihlborgs take a structured approach to the environmental programme, which in part aims to reduce material consumption and promote recycling throughout our operations.

Target: 12.2, 12.5, 12.6


Decent work and economic growth Climate action

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time and requires collaboration from every part of society. At Wihlborgs, we have a clear goal to reduce our climate impact throughout the value chain and we work to gradually make all of our properties climate-smart.

Target: 13.1


Partnerships for the goals

Conditions for achieving the goals significantly improve if different parties and sectors throughout society collaborate. Our view is that Wihlborgs has a vital role to play in terms of being a relationship-builder and innovator by participating in various initiatives that promote sustainable societal development.

Target: 17.7