Framework and reporting

Since 2011, we have been reporting our sustainability work in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The Wihlborgs’ Sustainability Report for 2018 ix in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. We base our choice of prioritised sustainability topics on feedback received during the course of the year, as well as on stakeholder dialogues and our own assessments.

These sustainability issues are increasingly integrated into Wihlborgs’ day-to-day operations and permeate every part of the company to an ever-greater degree. We therefore see reporting our sustainability initiatives in the Annual Report as the natural next step. We have compiled in-depth information on how we govern and follow up the areas, aspects and indicators in a GRI appendix available at Our GRI-index includes references to where the various aspects are reported.


Wihlborgs’ sustainability framework comprises four main areas: responsible business, sustainable properties, attractive employer and commitment to the region and the community. The purpose of defining these four areas is to provide a clear focus and ensure our efforts have a greater impact. We have prioritised a number of topics within each area that we measure and follow up systematically.

Responsible business

Acting in a responsible and trustworthy manner in all of our relationships is crucial to our long-term success. The focus here is on financial performance, relationships with tenants and suppliers and ethics and anti-corruption. Read more about our responsible business practises

Sustainable properties

For us as a major property owner, sustainable properties are naturally at the core of what we do. It is self-evident to both us and our stakeholders that we assume responsibility, follow
up and report environmental performance, energy use and climate impact. Read more about our sustainable property practices

Attractive employer

Our employees’ commitment and skills are crucial to our customer satisfaction and results, which is why we work to create an attractive workplace by fostering trust, pride and community. Prioritised topics include the work environment, skills development, equality and diversity.. Read more about our attractive employer practices

Commitment to the region and its community

A strong region is good for our business, which is why we engage in different ways to contribute to the development of the region, for example in terms of infrastructure, the climate of innovation and education. We also prioritise the use of local suppliers. Read more about our commitmet to the region 

Picture of Anna Nambord
Anna Nambord
Director of HR and CSR