Jayway combines design with technology

Jayway is a specialist in digital innovation – a rapidly growing IT company that develops software for customers in areas such as retail and finance. Using a design-driven and agile approach, Jayway produces tailor-made solutions focused on the user, with potential being developed in technological areas like the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Magasinet in Nyhamnen was completed in 2012 after a major renovation. This former warehouse property from the 1950s had been transformed into modern office spaces in a top location at the edge of the quay, just a stone’s throw away from Malmö Central Station. Jayway was one of the first tenants to move in, occupying a whole storey. But what were the requirements placed on the new premises? Philip Kron is CEO of the Jayway Group:

“When we develop software for our customers, we do so in cross-functional units known as studios. We have 5 studios in Malmö, each consisting of some 25–30 people. The premises we were searching for needed to have the spaces and flexibility to support our work methods – what we refer to as ‘creative technology’ – while also being situated in an attractive and accessible location.”

Employees designed the premises

Offering employees an exciting work environment is vital for Jayway. Competition for talent is fierce, and the work environment is a factor that can determine the outcome of a recruitment. Before moving to Magasinet, Jayway formed working groups in which employees had extensive influence over the design of the premises.

“Each studio had a dedicated space that they were responsible for decorating. There are not many walls at the premises – essentially only for the meeting rooms – and the other spaces are divided up between work spaces and creative oases where employees can interact. We have put lots of resources into realising the ideas of our employees, as well designed premises support our concept,” explains Kron.

Flexibility to foster growth

Jayway continued to expand and also became part of the French technology company Devoteam. Five years after they moved in, they reached a point where the space no longer sufficed. At this point, the 4th and 5th floors of Magasinet had become vacant and Jayway opted to move a couple of floors up.

“Choosing Wihlborgs was a strategic decision. Jayway will continue growing and we appreciate having a flexible landlord with the resources to support our development,” concludes Kron.

December 2019

Philip Kron, CEO

1,900 sq.m. of offices
Nyhamnen, Malmö