Gaia BioMaterials produces sustainable packaging

What is the perfect packaging? The egg shell, of course. Practical, strong and hygienic, it is part of the natural cycle. The egg shell was in fact the source of inspiration for Gaia BioMaterials, the packaging company that develops and produces biodegradable materials. With a strong focus on the environment, they offer sustainable alternatives to fossil plastic products.

Åke Rosén is an innovator and entrepreneur with over 60 patents in his portfolio. He is also behind a range of packaging companies, including Ecolean that he managed together with Hans Rausing. Then as now, the guiding concept was to manufacture packaging based on calcium carbonate.

“When I started my development work on calcium carbonate-based packaging many years ago, global commitment to the environment was not as extensive as it is today. Things have changed, however, and we see major interest wherever we go. The explanation is our renewable biomaterial that could replace 80 percent of all volume plastics. The opportunities for application are endless – this could be used for manufacturing everything from carrier bags to bottles and cutlery.”

Long-term relationships

Gaia BioMaterials was launched in 2011, but the fact is that Åke Rosén has been running businesses in a range of different Wihlborgs premises since the 1970s:

“A development company faces many challenges, but one of these is being able to act quickly when market conditions change. The relationship with a landlord is vital in this, as our premises influence our ability to deliver. My experience is that Wihlborgs has both the interest and the resources to meet our needs when they change. This is why our relationship has lasted for decades.”

Scaleability vital

The property in which Gaia BioMaterials operates is located in Ättekulla in Helsingborg. A head office and industrial space for development and manufacturing is contained within 4,000 m². There is also an option for a further 2,000 m² to be used whenever further expansion may be needed.

“Scaleability is important, so the premises must be in sync with our needs. The premises also need to be adapted to our type of operations, which involve large spaces, high ceilings and a high level of hygiene. But we have found our home. For me, Helsingborg is the ideal base thanks to its excellent connections and access to qualified employees. Although we are about to start production in countries like Vietnam, our research base and our technical teams will be based out of the premises here in Ättekulla,” concludes Rosén.

December 2019

GAIA Biomaterials AB
Åke Rosén, Research and Development Manager, Founder

4,000 sq.m. of logistics/production
South Helsingborg