Dansk Sundhedssikring is renewing the insurance sector

Dansk Sundhedssikring in Copenhagen challenges the traditional insurance companies with its niche focus on healthcare insurance. With its own nurses and doctors, they guide their customers through the healthcare system in order to offer better healthcare. The concept has proved to be successful – in just seven years they have grown tenfold from 15 to 150 employees, and in 2020 the concept will also be launched in Sweden.

Most insurance companies in Denmark treat healthcare insurance as a minor part of their offerings. Dansk Sundhedssikring takes the opposite approach and works with companies that want to offer their employees a pure healthcare insurance. Per Clausen is Director:

“Specialisation is our success factor. Our customers feel they are treated in a professional manner thanks to our in-house medical experts. When customers contact us with a problem, they can immediately talk to an experienced nurse instead of an insurance administrator. We know that this fosters confidence.”

Flexibility to grow

Dansk Sundhedssikring’s headquarters are located in Herlev, north-western Copenhagen. They have been in their current premises since 2018, which contain 3,082 m² over two storeys, with the option of taking a third.
“We put a lot of effort into the finding the right place. Above all, it was a question of finding premises that meet our needs today but which have the flexibility to grow with us. The premises currently accommodate 150 employees who mostly work in open-plan offices, but we also ensured we had plenty
of meeting rooms,” explains Clausen.

Good services in the building

The Herlev premises were originally designed to have traditional offices, but before it was leased to Dansk Sundhedssikring it underwent an extensive renovation. All of the walls were torn down, creating large, airy spaces instead.

“There are major benefits to open-plan offices, both in terms of employees and space-efficiency. What we value about the location in Herlev are the excellent commuting options – we are just five minutes’ walk from the train station.
We also appreciate the good level of service in the building, both in terms of the building’s own restaurant and the fact that Wihlborgs is perceptive and quick to satisfy our requests,” concludes Clausen.

January 2020

Dansk Sundhedssikring
Per Clausen, Director

3,000 sq.m. of offices
Herlev, Copenhagen