Collaboration with our suppliers is key to the level of quality that tenants experience. As the market leader and by virtue of our size, which means we exert more influence on the market, Wihlborgs also has a responsibility to act in an ethically correct manner, both environmentally and professionally. Therefore, we set high requirements for service levels, quality and ethics for the suppliers we choose to collaborate with.

Wihlborgs’ purchasing function

The goal of Wihlborgs’ purchasing function is to contribute to a positive earnings trend for the company through a business-minded approach and by taking our tenants’ expectations into account.

The purchasing function serves Wihlborgs’ three regions in Sweden, namely, Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg. Working practices are adapted to the suppliers we choose to work with and our vision of a sustainable society is reflected in our requirements and approach.

Although we operate within a limited area, suppliers’ operations at the respective locations is significant. Knowledge of the areas, its authorities and local regulations, and collaboration with our employees are all facilitated if the supplier has good local connections.

Partnership for long-term relations

We favour working with partnerships, particularly with local suppliers. Collaboration with suppliers is extremely important in our efforts to create long-term relations with tenants and suppliers.

In many cases, Wihlborgs’ tenants have direct contact with our suppliers. Therefore, it is important that we set requirements vis-à-vis supplier competence and service levels to ensure that our tenants are happy in Wihlborgs’ properties.

Picture of Christina Spångäng
Christina Spångäng