The employees you primarily meet as a tenant or prospective tenant belong to the operational parts, Property Management and Project Development. We perform all management work with our own staff, which is also important for our efforts to always respond quickly and smoothly to our customers' requirements and wishes.

Our organisation reflects the two parts of the business model and consists of property management, a project and development department and central functions such as finance, IT, communications/marketing and sustainable business. Wihlborgs’ head office is located in Malmö.

Property management is divided into four regions: Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg and Copenhagen. Each region is managed by a regional director and has an office at which the staff are based. Closely linked to property management is project department, which runs redevelopment and new-build projects at our properties. At the end of 2020, Wihlborgs had 236 full-time positions, of which 140 were based in Sweden and 96 in Denmark. There is a relatively large proportion of service staff in Denmark who work with restaurant service and outdoor environments.

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