Mission, goals and strategy

Specializing in efficient sub-markets in the Öresund region, Wihlborgs will own, manage - in house - and develop commercial properties.

Overall goals and strategy

Wihlborgs will operate a business model for growth and will be one of the leading and most profitable property companies on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. To achieve this goal, Wihlborgs will:

  • Consolidate and further secure its markets position in the Öresund region by concentrating on selected sub-markets.
  • Actively enhance its property portfolio by acquisition, development and sale of properties. Realization of value growth will form a key part of operations.
  • Actively and efficiently manage its property portfolio, focusing on high cost-effeciency and a high occupancy rate by maintaining a market-leading position in each sub-market.
  • Strengthen customer relationships by active commitment and a high degree of service to create the conditions for long-term rental relationships.
  • Actively cultivate the rental market to acquire new customers and reinforce our brand, to become the preferred choice for customers.
Picture of Ulrika Hallengren
Ulrika Hallengren

Financial targets

Wihlborgs will achieve:

  • A return on equity that exceeds the risk-free interest rate by no less than six percentage points.
  • An equity/assets ratio of no less than 30 percent.
  • A loan-to-value of no more than 60 percent.
  • An interest coverage ratio of no less than 2.0.
  • These financial goals will be achieved by active management of assets, liabilites and capital structure. Wihlborgs will at all times maintain a capital structure that delivers the best return to shareholders, with due regard taken to risk.